Updating The Bathroom- Shopping For Super Showers.

The last time we gave our tired bathroom any attention was almost 20 years ago. It's not the most exciting room in our house - bath, toilet, washbasin - and in my eyes is purely functional. Thanks to hard water and lots of use from our larger than average family it's dull and tired and I dream of a boutique style replacement.

Modern bathroom. Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

Recently however we have been considering updating the room and we are considering losing the bath in favour of a luxury shower.

A friend bought a holiday home with a beautiful wet room with a huge walk in shower with a heated floor and a large powerful shower-head. It felt like a real treat to have a shower there - much nicer than our setup where you have to clamber into the bath and hope the water pressure is good enough to not beat you with an unexpected drenching in icy water.

A walk in shower would be perfect for me as due to my disabilities I often find it impossible to climb into the bath. Sometimes I can do it with assistance but a walk in shower would be amazing and help me feel so much more independent. Some have built in chairs for comfort and safety.

Aesthetics too play a part in our musings. Browsing sites like Insignia Showers proves that showers today come in many designs, as do enclosures. Fitting them doesn't need to be a big hassle either.

From basic showers to all singing and dancing showers with Bluetooth connectivity, light displays and even steam settings for the full on spa experience modern showers and enclosures come in many shapes, sizes and for all budgets and bathrooms.

We don't have room for a bath and a separate shower and I do wonder about missing the soak in the bubble bath experience but equally what could be more refreshing and relaxing than a monsoon style shower with calming lighting and music through top quality built in speakers?

It's fun planning a new bathroom after so many years of enduring our dull space. We have so many options to transform a humdrum bathroom into a spa-style sanctuary.

If you aren't sure where to start planning your new bathroom, or updating the one you have you can scour Pinterest, visit tile and bathroom showrooms and websites and check out what aspects of your friends bathrooms appeal to you and you will soon build up an idea of what constitutes your perfect space.

A great bathroom will help sell a home too so consider updating if you are hoping to move this year. Look objectively at your bathroom. Is it mildewed or mouldy? Is the chrome beyond cleaning back to a shine and is there limescale damage? It's definitely worth investing in a new bathroom to entice potential buyers and help you get the maximum price for your property.

There's no need to stick to white either. Although a crisp white bathroom can be stylish you could accessories with colour in accessories like towels and tooth mugs and floor or wall coverings.

You spend a good portion of your life in the bathroom for one reason or another so why not make it a nicer experience?

Rubber ducks Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

Disclaimer: Collaborative post.

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