The Best Time For A New Boiler Installation

It's February and I have moved my "office" outside where I am basking in warm sunshine. I have my front door and lots of windows open airing out the winter stuffiness. The weather forecasters tell me this is the last day of unseasonable warmth so don't be fooled by this early heatwave - now is a really good time to think about your boiler.

I know, it's dull and really quite hard to think about when you aren't using the heating but my old Granny used to say:"A stitch in time saves 9" and servicing or even replacing your boiler in a milder season is a lot better than waiting until it dies on you, inevitably on Christmas Eve or Easter Day with three foot of snow outside and minus temps.

For years I regarded our ageing boiler much as you might an elderly cat. It's there. It's increasingly temperamental and it costs more to keep with  rising vet bills  service and repair costs. Eventually it became more like Voldemort. We tried not to think about it, look at it or directly mention it by name in case it had a hissy fit and conked out or leaked deadly fumes.

We would like awake on frosty nights and listen to the radiators clanking, hoping our ancient boiler would hold out which was incredibly stressful. Eventually we bought a new massively more energy efficient boiler and I cannot believe what a difference it has made to our life and our energy bills.

Fitting was not as disruptive as I expected either, even though the boiler had to be installed in a completely different place because of updated regulations since our original boiler had been installed.

So when should you get a new boiler installed?

Basically if it's over ten years old, not running reliably and effectively or is costing lots in service and parts it could well be energy and financially more efficient to have a new one installed.

If you have just moved into a new home and have no clue how old your boiler is, err on the side of caution and get a professional to look at it - a faulty boiler can be life threatening.

If you rent make sure you have all the relevant safety certificates for your heating system and if your boiler is ten years older or more, enquire about your landlord's plans for replacing it.

How do you get a new boiler installed and which type should you choose?

So how do you go about getting a new boiler installed? Well of course there are always lots of offers advertised on TV or you could ask your friends who installed theirs although it's not something people do that frequently.

It might be wise to use a plumber who specialises and will be expert at planning and executing a new boiler installation.

This also should solve the dilemma of which type of boiler to use. A professional will take your property type, family size and lifestyle into account and offer expert advice on what type and even brand of boiler will be the most appropriate for you.

Disclaimer:Collaborative post.

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