When Life Needs A Lift - Literally!

When I was young and fit and child free I used to leap gazelle like up any stairs, often two at a time. Add a pushchair or seven and multiple health conditions which overall leave me more lumbering bison than bouncy springbok and suddenly the availability of lifts becomes a major aspect of planning any outing.

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I was looking for a hotel for a short break recently and spotted the words "no lift." It made me scroll past. The sight of an out of order lift sign can make my heart sink because although I try to tackle stairs when I'm feeling well enough or don't have a buggy or wheelchair in tow, more often than  not I need assistance up the stairs.

I'm very envious of private homes that have lifts installed. Not just by the famous stairlift company's products which are often synonymous with frailty, hospital style and a slight smell of disinfectant but companies like the one who designed an award winning access lift along with a huge range of other smart and stylish lifts which tone with even the most sophisticated decor at home and work.

I really didn't know there was so much choice. I put lifts into three categories - the boxes you find at malls, airports, departments stores etc. I actually have a favourite lift of this type- one of the panelled lifts in the world-famous Liberty store in London. The stairlift on a rail kind and the rising platform type which is often self operated - I've ridden a few of those in my wheelchair in my time.

I've always fancied riding one of those you see in American movies with open metalwork often leading to stylish loft apartments or murdering psychopaths, depending which film you are watching.

It seems to me though that having your own personal lift (like those I believe they have for Las Vegas Penthouse suites) would be the height of luxury.

Actually lifts can exude luxury. Have you ever stepped into a spotless mirrored lift in a smart hotel and felt top notch? Or ridden in the panelled lifts at Harrods? Or been to the top of the iconic Eiffel Tower? It's amazing how styling can make something so functional feel so much part of the experience.

Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash

Did you know you can have many different kinds of access lift uniquely designed for your space? From all glass to compact space saving it's amazing what specialist access lift designers can create without causing chaos in your building.

For home use it would be probably be more cost effective than moving house or extending to build extra downstairs room and would mean anyone who needed to use it could stay longer in a home they love.

For work spaces not only would the addition of a lift help companies comply with disability laws but you would also make use of that brand more attractive to anyone who needs or enjoys using lifts.

As a regular user of lifts I give a big thumbs up to anyone making them pleasant and easy to use.

Disclaimer: Collaborative post.

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