Can You Reprogram Your Brain To Feel Happier And Be More Successful?

It seems to be a thing with me that when I wake and the sun is shining, my fave track plays on the radio while I'm having breakfast and there are no bills in the post, the whole day is better and I get more done.

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And on other days, one or two "fails" seem to create a snowball effect and I can end up at 7pm wishing it was bedtime so I could call time on a dreadful day.

Some people believe you can train yourself to create more of those perfect days which in turn could mean you are happier, more successful and more productive at home and work.

From personal experience I find just taking some control about the type of person I associate can affect my mood and therefore my day. By extension might this help me get more done or live a better life generally? I've thought a lot about this lately and I really believe it can.

Negativity seems to breed negativity and moods can be infectious so it makes sense to surround yourself with successful happy people.

By this I don't mean to ditch any friends who are having a temporarily traumatic time and are unhappy because of a situation but if you know that person who never has anything positive to say about anything even when prompted to count their blessings, it might be healthier for you to create some distance. Some people sadly just can't be rescued from themselves.

Is there anything else you can do?

Well since the 1970's some people swear by the benefits which can be gained from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

"What now?" I hear you say in a bewildered tone.

So neuro relates to the brain and linguistic is language related. NLR training aims to help people become aware and in control of the way they think and speak to influence themselves and other people.

NLP experts claim that learning the technique can help you become a better person, better coach, better leader, trainer, salesperson, business get the idea.

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In very simplistic terms it's like the way you can influence your mood with music, movies or books. Sad movie, sad music, sad books trigger sad images in your mind which can create a sad mood. Likewise a happy tale might make your feel good. There's a reason films like Mamma Mia are called "feel good movies."

OK so the idea is quite simple but the full concept is much more complex. If this sounds like something that would be useful in your life you could consider booking a NLP Training Course for yourself and maybe think about it for any employees you might have too.

Many people who have undergone training in NLP methods swear by the system with lots of satisfied delegates claiming they really have seen significant benefits in their home and work life.

Let's face it, who would prefer to spend their days being unhappy and unfulfilled when there is an option to change things?

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