The Perils of Working From Home

Working from home is in many ways the best thing ever. No commute, no dress code and you can book holiday whenever you like without checking the rota. I can even go to the toilet whenever I like without someone timing me (true story from my journalism days!)

However it does have some downfalls. There are not official breaks, no pre-determined lunch hour. Of course I could set my own lunch hour but in fact what actually happens is I often work and graze throughout the day.

I need someone to stage an intervention. Summer is approaching fast and my mind and stomach are still firmly in winter mode.

I told my husband only a few days ago that I was going to try and stop eating biscuits. I've got into a terrible habit of craving chocolate digestives while writing and I spend a lot of my week writing. Not twenty minutes later he caught me, snout-deep, into a pack of choc-chip cookies. I don't even really like choc-chip cookies but they were the only sweet thing in the house.

It doesn't help that my lovely children aid and abet my junk food habits. I frequently abuse my WAHM status by giving myself the morning off for a cheeky full English, smoothie or bubble tea with some of my children when their school hols or shift patterns allow.

And even my teen daughter's BF literally feeds my habit by nipping to Tesco to bring me Jaffa Cakes when late night cravings strike. 

Lunchtime trips to the local chip shop for the makings of chip butties and occasional trips down the bypass to our nearest McDonalds, especially if there's a chance they are still serving my fave hash browns.

I can't think why I'm not losing my winter weight....

The trouble is I am so very easily distracted. A call for coffee with friends? Hell, why not. Unexpected shopping trip? Laptop snaps shut. Heavy eyelids call for a quick nap? Zzzzzzz.

Equally I have been known to work stupidly early in the morning before anyone is up and answer emails in the middle of the night when the snoring lump next to me prevents sleep (hence the need for occasional afternoon naps.)

I suppose that is the joy of being self employed and working (mostly) from home. I never thought I'd have the discipline to get the work done when there is no boss watching over me. What I did realise that once you are the boss of a business you love you realise that you can motivate yourself because it's yourself who wins.

They say that work doesn't feel like work if you do something you love. Well I love writing and attending events, meeting celebs (inserted entirely so I can once again share this pic of me and the delicious Gino D'Acampo) and receiving a variety of weird and wonderful things through the post, but there are still aspects of this job I don't love.

But still, it beats every other job I've ever had and until I can find a position as a paid mystery shopper checking high quality steak restaurants in boutique hotels across the globe I will stick with it. Now pass the Jaffa Cakes someone.

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