Barbecue In Style With The Everdure Range From Heston Blumenthal #ad

Barbecues in our garden do not generally consist of blackened sausages and cheap frozen burgers annihilated by flame. I wouldn't eat them cooked inside the house so why on earth would I serve them outside?

barbecued scallops cooked on Everdure BBQ. Pic from Samsung S10

We generally enjoy homemade meat and veg kebabs, fish, seafood and halloumi, venison steaks and other high quality meats, marinated or coated with herbs. Marshmallow kebabs are also a fave in our family but although they all like cooking them over the barbie, they don't all like eating them. Luckily I am happy to hoover up  any unwanted gooey treats.

Not all barbecues area created equal and the choice of which one to get goes beyond just charcoal or gas. Shape, size and design are all crucial to avoid cremated offerings or worse, raw meat.

Keen barbecue fans who like to create truly delicious meals al fresco should check out the Everdure range from Kettler, created by world renowned chef Heston Blumenthal OBE along with a team of designers and engineers.

Everdure Barbecue Range from Heston Blumenthal

I went along to an event hosted by Kettler  GB recently and was wowed by the sophistication of the range in both looks and performance.

Food being cooked on the fabulous 4K model could have easily come straight from the kitchens of a top class restaurant with not even a single singe mark to be seen.

Ribs and coleslaw. Background, 4k Everdure charcoal barbecue

With probes which send messages to an app to let you know it's time to put down the G & T and serve the steak, to a clever side access point to top up charcoal without having to open the lid or move the food, this is an elegant and efficient bit of kit which wouldn't look out of place in the most stylish of outdoor spaces.

Everdure 4k Barbecues shot using Samsung Galaxy S10

It even has a built in electric charcoal lighting system so no nasty liquids or firelighters required to get this bad boy going fast. It comes with a pizza stone, touch display, internal light and much much more.

In fact the whole range makes my traditional supermarket bought kettle-style barbecue look a bit sorry for itself. Even the smallest of the range, the CUBE, is uber-cute and would be perfect for travel or for those with only a balcony or small outdoor space.

Everdure CUBE barbecue. Snapped with Samsung S10 #withgalaxy

The accessories available will also make a keen cook's mouth water - the outdoor kitchen prep area (pictured below) is fabulous. One of the things I really liked about it was the built in chopping board which has a hidden hole which you open to allow you to scrape rubbish through it into a bin below.

Outdoor kitchen prep unit from Everdure range with Heston Blumenthal

I also loved the mini utensil set which would be great to take camping along with one of the CUBE barbecues.

The Everdure range has a choice of charcoal or gas barbecues in different sizes and designs (and some gorgeous colours) so if you are serious about your barbecued food, check out what's on offer and make this the year ALL the neighbours are jealous of your outdoor events, even if you don't have Heston himself there to oversee the cooking.

madmumof7 with Heston Blumenthal shot using Samsung Galaxy S10 #withgalaxy

All of the pictures contained in this post were taken with the Samsung Galaxy S10 which was loaned to me by ThreeUK for this event.

It has one of the best cameras I've ever used on a mobile phone. It even has a food mode to bring out the best in your flat lays and more. Read more here.

I was invited to the event in London with Heston by ThreeUK and enjoyed free food and drink there courtesy of Kettler GB. Opinions remain honest and my own.

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