Box Clever-It's All In The Presentation

When it's your birthday and you (hopefully) have a pile of presents in front of you, which gift do you open first? I'm guessing that you either go for the most attractive looking one, or maybe you are one to leave the prettiest for last.

Parcel with ribbon Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Either way, you are being influenced by the packaging and probably feeling very flattered that the gift-giver has bothered to go to so much effort to wrap something up so nicely.

When it comes to work too, presentation is key. From what you wear to your business cards you will be judged to a certain extent.  My husband even wore a suit to interview for his semi-retirement move to a part-time supermarket job. First impressions are crucial and may mean the difference between you and another equally qualified candidate who turned up dressed differently.

As a jobbing blogger I often attend events where I am given a "thank you" goody bag, usually containing items pertaining to the client's business and some treats.

Boxed macarons Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Much of the success of an event I believe is down to how much effort the client has gone to to make influencers feel like VIP's. That effort extends to the goody bags which are usually in luxurious packaging. If the bag contains a box, I'm usually even more impressed.

Only once has this tactic failed for a brand who after presenting a shiny new laptop range to a select group of bloggers sent us away with a branded bag containing a box which was laptop shaped and weighed about the same as a laptop might.

I had not expected to be given a laptop although I have been gifted things of a similar value at events like that one in the past so it wasn't out of the question that this brand might have done so. I discovered very quickly I was not alone in feeling cheated when the contents turned out to be something much less exciting! Blogger chat rooms were full of influencers part laughing, part annoyed that the fascinating box had proved to be a red herring.

Because of the blog I also frequently get items sent in the post and believe me, excitement levels are much higher if the item to review, or props for a review or Twitter party come in an exciting box.

The trouble is, some of the boxes and packaging are so beautiful I cannot bear to throw them away.

Some clients have custom boxes made for their campaign and being on the receiving end of one of these goes a long way to creating a favourable impression which of course cannot help but influence your opinion of the brand a little. Even a budget product presented nicely looks better than something posted out after being stuffed into a Jiffy bag.

bespoke presentation box

My daughter in law likes to create hampers. She often just buys bits and pieces from a supermarket but once the products are in a lovely box surrounded by pretty packing paper they just look so much more luxurious.

It's my ambition to one day own a boxed Champagne. Standing proudly on the top shelf they always look like they must be superior because they deserve a box giving the valuable contents extra protection.

How often have you bought something for someone because it came nicely boxed? Even boring bubble bath or biscuits look more special in a box.

So next time you are wondering how to wrap a gift or present a product, think INSIDE the box.

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