Designer Radiators

Think radiators and the image of those dull off-white run of the mill models which adorn the walls of many homes may spring to mind. Utilitarian and prone to rust spots and yellowing, bog standard radiators are not a thing of beauty.

When you are pouring time,  money and love into the interior design of your home you consider texture, colour and style - why would you ruin all that effort by finishing rooms with grim radiators.

The good news is that whether you are restoring a period home with close consideration to authenticity or creating an ultra-modern space, there will be a designer radiator to suit.

Copper, stainless steel, shiny white or anthracite, wall mounted horizontally or vertically, there is no end to the styles of radiator you can choose.

Space saving models are particularly useful so you can ensure not a single corner of your home or workspace needs to be cold or draughty.

Actually, thinking about the heat emitting capabilities of a radiator is possibly more complicated that you imagined once you start talking about it.

Radiators are categorised by their BTU or British Thermal Unit. This is a traditional unit of heat which is defined as the amount of energy needed to heat 1lb of water up by 1 degree fahrenheit. You don't actually need to understand how it's worked out but you do need to know what BTU each room requires to ensure it is adequately heated.

Luckily there are useful online guides to answer the question: "What BTU do I need?" so all you need to do is select which type of room you need a radiator for (bathroom, bedroom etc) then enter the exact dimensions of the room and answer a few questions about the room.

It's useful to know whether the room has north facing windows, whether any windows are double glazed or if there are patio doors leading from the room when calculating the total BTU required.

Once your guide has suggested the ideal BTU you can filter your search for your perfect radiators by BTU as well as colour, design and fitting. It's up to you how many radiators you want in the room as long as their total BTU adds up to the recommended number.

Obviously the BTU calculators online only offer an estimated amount - if you know there are additional factors making a room warmer or cooler you can adjust accordingly or ask your plumber or builder for further guidance.