3 Ways to Make Your House Seem More Welcoming For Guests

The first thing someone notices about a house is its façade. The paintwork, porch, the front lights, entrance door, the garden around it, maybe a rocking chair or something to sit on for guests. 

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Small things go a long way towards making a friendly gesture towards guests. A simple, friendly ‘welcome’ sign hanging on or beside the door, or on the mat is a warm and loving gesture. 

Using vibrant colours on the front panelling and walls of the house, even the door, send a friendly signal towards visitors. A very dynamic and excellent range of selection of external doors is available at the Online Door Store, which is sure to engage everyone’s interest. 

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The classic glazed, oak, redwood and contemporary designs intrigue those more interested in antique designs while the composite, GRP and hardwood doors offer appealing choices to those more inclined towards modern designs.
The walkway to the house, if surrounded by plantation, or some artistic form of rock design gives the impression of someone who’s worked hard towards making their home appealing and inviting to everyone. A walkway lined with gravel, bricks or paving stones provides a clear walking path on rainy days and also protects the visitor’s footwear from dragging mud and dirt onto the front porch.
Clay and porcelain garden ornaments, such as a bird feeder, placed at calculated instances alongside the walkway or in the front yard augment the comfortable and relaxed environment make visitors calm and happy to be walking up to the house.
The front porch is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to making the place of residence seem more hospitable towards guests. There are many ways one can add to the persona of the porch and every add-on, if well thought out, gives a very inviting look. Some friendly and welcoming messages written upon some form of artwork, such as a wood log cut out, or an arts and crafts style message board works very well, especially if the messages appear to be handwritten, they work even better. 
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A nice and fun paint job on the door also accomplishes the same task. A vibrant yellow, green or blue makes the whole façade stand out. Also having a front porch swing adds to the allure of the house and gives guests an option to spend a good time out in the open, with a fresh breeze in the background while possibly enjoying a refreshing beverage. A table with a few chairs also allows small groups of people to enjoy playing some board games while out in the open, or maybe sit outside and have a cup of tea.
There are many ways to make your house seem more welcoming for guests, but the one that works the best is if the façade of the house sends a warm and welcoming message to all onlookers.

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