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It may not come as a complete surprise to learn that my real name is not madmumof7. It is however quite an unusual name and the only personalised thing I have ever owned, a handmade mug from a famous Polish pottery given to me by my lovely German friend, got broken by one of my children years ago.

Just to compound the problem I gave my own children relatively unusual names, or at least spelled them in a way which means you can rarely find personalised tat with their names on hanging on those carousel stands in card shops. Take my daughter pictured with me here whose name ends with a Y instead of the more common IE.

madmumof7 and daughter

It does mean when the opportunity arises to get them a gift with that personal touch, it feels more special. As they've grown up I've had easter eggs iced with their name, cake toppers made and even T-shirts printed especially for them.

They are older now and it's getting more and more difficult to find original and unique gifts to make them smile on special occasions. Festivals, birthdays, graduations and more - a personalised item can really show the recipient that you've thought about them.

If you would like to give someone you love an affordable yet unique gift you should go along to getnamenecklace where, despite the name, there is so much more than "just" necklaces to customise for the special person in your life.

personalised family necklace from getnamenecklace
For many people that person is their mother and imagine how delighted mum would be if you surprised her with her very own mother's ring, customised with the initials, names or birthstones representing their children.
mother's ring from getnameneckalce

I had a beautiful locket years ago which my husband bought me when I had our second child. It would have to be a fairly hefty locket to contain pictures of all seven of my children but an engraved ring featuring glittering cubic zirconia in the colour of each of their birthstones would make for an interesting piece with a heartwarming story behind it wouldn't it?

It may be that you are not sure of the birthstone you need but you don't need to worry as getnamenecklace provides an easy guide to birthstones by month so as long as you know what month your loved one was born in you are set to go.

Looking for personalisation including special characters, numbers or even Arabic characters? No problem. Maybe you'd prefer a piece with a photo inserted or engraved? You can choose from bracelets, necklaces, rings, cufflinks, watches and more.

personalised wooden watch from getnamenecklace
Sadly some people would like something personalised to remember someone special they have lost and this site is perfect for them. I particularly liked the items incorporating the infinity symbol and the rings which you can have engraved inside.

infinity bracelet
The site offers free delivery worldwide and prices to suit all pockets and even sorting out that crucial personalisation is simple as you are guided though the process step by step.

The FAQ section on the site has the answer to pretty much any question you might have and an easy to use message service for any questions they haven't already thought of.

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