Get More Vits With This Tasty Kid-friendly Drink.

I don't think there is a parent anywhere that doesn't worry about whether or not their child is getting enough vitamins. Add to that concerns about keeping them hydrated and it's a constant nightmare especially if your youngster is not mad keen on water or fruit and veggies.

girl in barley field with Get More Vits drink

I have a mix with some of my children loving all that is healthy (including my youngest girl, pictured) and some who would live on almost entirely brown food if left to their own devices.

I was interested to learn about a new kid-friendly multivitamin drink range called simply Get More Vits. It really does do what it says on the label!

Get More Vits orange and mango drink

We were sent (#gifted) a few of the 330ml sugar-free orange and mango flavoured Get More Vits drink which is packaged in recyclable bottles with those handy sports tops which are ideal for the car, picnic and lunchboxes.

The refreshing drink contains a blend of B vitamins to support energy levels and the immune system plus vitamin D and calcium both great for growing bones.

Vitamin D is a particularly useful vitamin in the modern world as sunlight on skin is one of the main ways this vitamin is produced but it is one many people, including our children, are becoming deficient in.

We are so careful to keep our children covered up and sun-creamed, wearing hats or avoiding the sun altogether it's important that they get this vitamin through through their diet and supplements like Get More Vits.

I don't know about you but I have tried lots of ways of getting vitamins and minerals into my children  through supplements but none of them are keen on swallowing or chewing tablets and most liquids are not very appealing.

My daughter chugged down the first 330 ml bottle of Get More Vits naturally flavoured spring water without even realising it was a fortified drink.

Girl drinking Get More Vits fortified kids drink

gile drinking Get More Vits with vitamin B and D and calcium

I tried it and thought the balance of flavouring was perfect - a definite flavour unlike some so called flavoured waters which have only a whiff of flavour, but more refreshing than some more strongly-flavoured squash-like drinks in similar packaging.

She said it was tasty and refreshing and her only criticism was that the top was a bit stiff to open. As a parent who has had bottles leaking into bags I see this as a positive point for the packaging!

Of course Get More Vits is not just for children. It's a great size for a gym bag or for refreshment on the commute or at your desk and perfect for picnics. Best served chilled Get More Vits is gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and is only 3kcals a bottle for those who are counting.

The range includes a variety of flavours and vitamin combinations - try blackberry and blueberry flavour for vitamin A, the lemon and lime multivitamin drink or sparkling orange for vitamin C. The range also includes drinks designed to support your body's metabolism and boost electrolytes.

There's also a selection of bottle sizes from the 330ml kid friendly bottle with sports cap up to 1 litre bottles. Look out for them in your local supermarket, via Ocado or on Amazon where a pack of 12 500ml bottles currently costs £13.99.

Disclaimer: I was sent sample bottles of Get More Vits free for the purpose of this honest review.

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