The New GTech HyLite

As a busy mum of 7 can you imagine what my housework regime is like? More washing, cooking and cleaning than your average "normal" sized family, even though a couple of my baby birds have flown the nest.
It's a thankless, never ending cycle and missing even a day of cleaning up leaves my home looking like squatters have just abandoned the property leaving empty drinks containers, crisp packets, shoes, banana skins, toys, gadgets, items of clothing....

messy room

 I cannot relax or work in my living room if it's a mess so every morning and evening I do a quick run around, usually grumbling under my breath, picking stuff up and sending it off with the owner. They generally open their bedroom doors and hurl the items but as long as I cannot see it I don't really care.

I get the most satisfaction running the vacuum cleaner round - I love those track marks in the carpet-but the model I have used for the last few years, although effective, weighs a flipping ton!
I have fibromyalgia and sometimes the very thought of carrying the beast up and down the stairs or pushing it around is exhausting enough and I have to forgo the vacuuming and suffer the sight of the carpet which often has dried mud, crumbs and cat hairs adorning the pile.
Imagine my delight when I heard that GTech which is known for its quality cordless vacuum cleaners had just launched a brand new model which is super small, super lightweight and promises super high performance - The GTech HyLite. (#gifted)
GTech Hylite
When I say super small -the thing astoundingly fits in a bag the size of my son's primary school PE bag and weighs about the same.You can see the bag with it in below with my size 5 foot next to it for scale! This means storage is easy … the HyLite is so compact it can be kept in a kitchen drawer but is ready to use in seconds which makes it perfect for homes where space is limited.  
GTech Hylite in storage bag

 It's a doddle to slot together and even easier to pull it up to full height. I can lift it with one finger.
The Gtech HyLite is packed with design and technology features that make usage and storage simple and environmentally friendly. 

 It weighs just 1.5kg, has around 20 minutes running time (depending on surfaces being cleaned)  and the handle extends and retracts instantly, transforming the HyLite from an upright to a handheld vacuum in seconds.  
GTech Hylite with handle retracted

The HyLite uses bags for a more hygienic cleaning solution.  Breathable bags are more environmentally friendly and there is no dust cloud when you empty.  

Also, with the HyLite the bag is the filter – each time you change the bag you get a new filter. The triple layered bags can hold up to three times their volume of dirt due to cleverly designed compression levels, so that each 0.3L bag can hold 1L of dirt resulting in less frequent disposal. 

I'm embarrassed to say the bag filled quite quickly vacuuming my home but to to be fair with two cats, an open fire and messy teenagers the floor can get very dusty and hairy quite quickly.

The HyLite uses just 90 watts of power, but packs a punch when it comes to its cleaning capacity, making its power and resource consumption extremely low.  

It’s also been designed and made to last … its modular construction means that if you break a bit it’s easily replaceable (new parts can be delivered to your home the next day) and, as it has no tubes or inner workings, there is less likelihood of debris accumulating and blocking up the path the dirt takes from floor to bag.

GTech Hylite

The HyLite adapts effortlessly to all floor surfaces, upholstery and stairs and the cordless technology means no plugs or sockets either, so cleaning your home couldn’t be simpler, especially as the reclining handle allows you to reach under sofas and beds without having to move heavy furniture.

particularly like the gadget's headlights -perfect for spotting dust bunnies in dark corners and under the sofa.

I was tempted to take it camping with me at the weekend  to vacuum the inside of my tent. It would not take up much more space than my dustpan and brush and would certainly save my back. It would be ideal if you have a boat or caravan and perfect for vacuuming the car's carpets and seats.

Being completely truthful, in my particularly messy house I'm not sure this handy little gadget would be able to completely replace my lumbering beast of a vacuum completely but it is ideal for daily clean-ups topped up by a deep clean once a week with the bigger vacuum. 

In my son's neat flat where just he and his partner live and are out at work all day and there are no animals  I'm sure it would be just fine. No Jake, you cannot have it - I love it too much.

GTech Hylite on furniture

It's especially useful for cleaning the stairs and upholstery on my furniture you can detach the handle to make it easier to vacuum your sofa or mattresses.

 In my house it's ideal for reaching all the rooms without having to unplug and re-locate which is ideal for my conservatory where there is just one rug to vacuum.

My very favourite thing about this gadget is the ethos of the company which was founded by Nick Grey who you'll see fronting the GTech adverts and in this picture where I'm grinning like a lunatic.

madmumof7 and GTech founder Nick Grey

Did you know the designs are based on how easy they would be for his mum to use?edr5t6

Having met some of the staff at the HyLite launch it's lovely to see how they are like a family and how they are all passionate about the products.

Everyone I met seemed genuinely proud of their range and really keen that the customer was as delighted with their products as they are.

The Gtech HyLite is available now at RRP £199.99

 Disclaimer: I received a GTech HyLite free for the purpose of this honest review.

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