Keeping Holiday Feet Happy.

I've just returned from a lengthy visit to Cyprus where my mum lives, and had forgotten how much feet can suffer with grit and sand getting into open-toe style shoes and heat and humidity causing  feet swell to around five times their normal size which can cause blisters.

It's prompted me to share my top tips on how to avoid your feet becoming sore, damaged or even ruined by hot days and summer fun.

bare feet on beach

Choose the right shoes. 

Did you know it's especially important to choose the right footwear if you have diabetes or any medical condition which has an impact on blood flow to your extremities?

Some people including those with diabetes are sometimes advised to choose a more closed in style of footwear as a bit of grit getting in and rubbing a small area of skin can lead to large sores and in extreme cases increase the risk of the need for amputation.

For everyone else sandals are fine but be aware that heat and walking longer than usual around theme parks, historical sites and cities can make your feet swell. Footwear which felt perfect in the shop or at breakfast time  could prove to be the most uncomfortable things you've ever worn by the end of a long day.

Flying too can make your whole body bloat, including your feet so make sure your travel footwear will still be comfortable after a long walk to the gate, a flight and the queue to pick up luggage and go through customs.

It's best to choose leather, fabric or sandals with some stretch or the potential for adjustment to avoid tight shoes and blisters.

There are lots of styles with adjustable width via buckles, velcro or laces which can ensure you always have the perfect fit.

Don't be tempted to sacrifice comfort for fashion. If you have flat feet go for a style with support and if you need wide fit sandals for your holiday buy wide fit, not a regular fit shoe you hope will stretch. It almost certainly won't.

Wear Your Footwear In.

I encouraged my children to wear their sandals around the house before our holiday. In fact I got my youngest son (who has very sensitive feet) to wear his new sandals with socks for a while before risking them without socks. By the time we got to Cyprus he was happy to wear them without socks all day, every day.

Cypriot postbox

When you are choosing sandals think about how your feet are looking and feeling at the point of trying them on in a store. Have you been walking round the shops for hours or is this the first shop. If you order online are you trying them on in the morning or the evening? Is your period due?

Timing is everything and your feet will change size depending on the time of day, time of month if you are prone to pre menstrual water retention, or the weather.

Make sure you buy in advance of your holiday giving you time to wear them in and make sure they both fit and are fit for purpose. Strappy fashion styles may not give enough support or survive serious walking in the countryside or across uneven cobbled streets. Save them for when you only have to walk from your hotel room to the restaurant.

Walking around Venice I opted for my most comfortable shoes which I had been wearing without issues for months-it proved to be a very wise decision!

madmumof7 in Venice, Italy

Be Prepared.

Even if you choose comfy sandals which are adjustable occasionally you might still get a blister or two. Pack specialist gel-like blister plasters which help protect, heal and hide blisters and an antiseptic cream for first aid. Pack them in your handbag, beach bag or backpack every time you go out - they are no use to you back in the hotel room.

I handed my husband a pack of blister plasters when he was taking the children hiking up to a waterfall in Cyprus. Thanks to the water, sand, grit and the fact that one of the children had not really worn the right footwear and had to borrow my sliders, he got through the entire packet!

Carry a small container of talcum powder to clean off damp or sandy feet before putting shoes, flip-flops or sandals back on after a beach day. This tip was passed on to me by my sister in law when my children were toddlers and has proved to be one of my best parenting hacks! It also works to help avoid shoes rubbing, especially flip flops.

Even if you are keen to wear fashion footwear pack at least one pair of your fave reliably comfy shoes so if you do end up with blistered or achy feet you can give them a rest.

Trust me, nothing ruins a holiday like sore feet.

Leather sandals

* Post in collaboration with Cosyfeet

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