Time To Check Those Tyres

Are your car tyres safe enough for long journeys? Many drivers don't give their tyres a second thought from one MOT to the next which can be a mistake which could prove fatal.

Photo by Jakub Jacobsky on Unsplash

When you think about it, tyres are literally the only things holding you and your precious cargo onto the road when you are driving.

Even if you only do short runs your tyres require regular checks on tread and pressure but if you are thinking about doing a longer journey you should definitely prioritise checking your tyres along with oil and water levels under the bonnet.

Regardless of age or gender, if you drive you should know how to check these things or make sure you get them regularly checked by an expert. Often garages will offer a free check up so there's really no excuse to avoid the chore.

If you are a parent like me you've probably done a fair bit of driving over the summer holidays. I've been all over the country visiting friends and family along with some days out at the seaside and to attractions like theme parks. We have spent many hours on the road!

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As the miles have clocked up on my dash I know the wear and tear has been having an effect on my tyres so before I get back to the school run and supermarket dash I have had my tyres checked over and know now that at least one is nearing the end of it's life and will soon need to be replaced.

It's handy to know this giving me at least a little time to factor the cost of a new tyre into my normal budget.

The lifespan of a tyre and maintenance of your car can vary greatly depending on what kind of driving you are doing and where. My friend's home is up a long, narrow country lane with many many potholes and so her wheels can easily become unbalanced.

Unbalanced wheels can cause vibration through the steering wheel, an increase in fuel use and patchy uneven wear on tyres which you might not even spot.

Those who spend long hours on motorways should be very careful about making sure their tyre pressure and tread are spot on as a blow-out at speed on a busy motorway could cause a nasty accident. At the very least you'd end up spending hours on the side of the carriageway waiting for assistance.

Many of us spend a lot of time driving to and around towns and cities and this can take a toll on tyres with general wear and tear plus the risk of bulges, bald spots and punctures from bumping kerbs and accidentally running over objects in the road like nails or broken glass.

I've replaced more tyres because of punctures than for any other reason. So frustrating!

At least those who live in or near Hampshire's largest town, Basingstoke can take advantage of their location and buy tyres in Basingstoke at Headley Tyres. It's a busy town and those who live there often spend a long time driving around, especially those who live on the outskirts who might have children to run to clubs, friends across the town or work to get to at times which don't fit in with public transport.

As summer draws to a close and motorists face the prospect of autumn then winter and wet, icy  or even snowy roads it makes sense to get tyres sorted before the extra expense of the winter festivals.

Photo by Kristaps Grundsteins on Unsplash

Those winter holidays often mean more long trips to see friends and family so it's a good time to check those tyres and avoid being stranded or worse.