Why Should You Get Your Car Serviced?

One thing we have learned the hard way is that a neglected car is a car destined for the scrap heap sooner than you hoped for. "A stitch in time saves nine" someone's gran used to say and this is certainly true when it comes to servicing your vehicle.

Living in a village we are reliant on our cars but our budget has always been tight and I'll confess we have in the past dodged what turned out to be a vital service trying to save money.

But when you are stuck on the hard shoulder of the motorway late at night with tired, frightened and hungry children because your car has broken down it becomes obvious that trying to save money that way is not really a great plan.

I remember one holiday in France when our first ever seven seater started to show signs of heading towards a full-on hissy fit. As well as guzzling through water like a traveller at an oasis the gears and brakes were seating to make odd noises.

We loaded up with the cheapest bottled water we could find in the supermarket to keep the water level topped up. We coasted down as many hills as we could, prayed for traffic lights to be green so we didn't have to use brakes or change gear and kept everything crossed that we would make it on and then off the ferry at Dover so our limited breakdown insurance would be valid.

We did make it home and to a mechanic but a bill so soon after our summer holiday was not something we had hoped for.

At this time of year it's especially important to make sure your vehicle is in tip top condition, especially if you are planning a trip, even if it's just to see relatives or for a short break.

Don't be like us  - on another occasion we ended up stranded near Portsmouth when our (different) car had major mechanical issues. We had to be rescued by friends and family and the cost and stress ruined the rest of our summer.

Who knows what weather conditions you might experience even in the UK when 38 degree heat can be followed rapidly by hailstones, flooding and even the odd tornado? It's vital that you get at least tires, brakes and fluids checked but a full service will give you peace of mind before you hit the road.

Ask friends and family for recommendations for a garage to service your car. If you are in the south east of the country KAP Motors offers car servicing at amazing prices. Visit their website to know more.

Keep a note in your phone or on your calendar of when your services and the MOT is due then you'll never be caught out. It makes it easier to plan alternative means of transport if the garage need to keep your car for the day too.

Don't assume that a vehicle with a valid MOT which has regular services is indestructible either - at the first sign of any odd noise, a change in the way it drives or if you have any other concerns, consult an expert - your life may depend on it.