A Big "Thumbs Up" For Affordable Commercial Removal Services

I've just helped my daughter move to her new university home in Brighton, 70 miles away from us, which was both emotionally draining and physically exhausting. And in a few short months I will have to go and move her back here for the Christmas holiday period and move her back again in January.
Madmumof7's daughter and her BF in Brighton

Luckily this time her boyfriend and her oldest brother and his partner came along to give practical and emotional support, and over the next four years I'm hoping my favourite mechanic will also be on hand to offer more support as my car takes the strain of fully laden trips up and down the motorway.

We stayed in an Air BNB the night before her official slot to move into Halls and I can't tell you how many times I got up in the night to check the car with all her worldly goods in it was safely untouched in the road outside. It was incredibly stressful.

It reminded me of all the times I moved house in my 20's as I graduated from rented bedsit to my own first home which came with a tiny back garden and eye watering mortgage payments.

I moved to our current home when I married almost 30 years ago and I swear the thought of sorting and packing puts me off ever wanting to move house ever again.  I *may* have a slight hoarding problem.

I've always moved myself replying on friends and family to help but if I was ever to take the plunge again I would definitely use an affordable Commercial removal service to lighten my load - literally!

It would also avoid that security risk of leaving valuable items in a car. Most removal services have secure vans and lorries with no windows for potential thieves to peer into, and they should offer insurance as well if the worst should happen.

I remember a friend of mine was due to move house so close to the date her baby was due we were concerned she might bring on labour early from the stress of it all. Her husband was tied up with work and she had small children so after lifetime of moving herself she decided to book a removal firm.

She couldn't sing their praises enough - helpful friendly staff members even packed her boxes for her and easily lifted heavy items (including a piano) that she would have struggled to manage even if she wasn't heavily pregnant.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I'm glad I work from home as I've witnessed friends trying to run their business, source premises and move adding even more stress to their hectic workload. Thank goodness for efficient removal services.

So you might not be planning to move home or office but have you ever considered  a "man with van" service to widen the range on your online auction searches?

My mate Karen is a pro at this using van collection services for picking up all sorts of items she has found online. She's adamant that it usually works out cheaper than postage, a courier or driving to get bigger items herself. It's great for delivering things you've sold too saving time and effort and the potential danger of turning up at an address where you don't know who or what is waiting for you.

So next time you are wondering if you how many trips it might take to move, or if that chest of drawers will fit in your car, or if you can physically lift that piano maybe go and ask an expert to help instead.

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