A Happy Mess

I'm looking round my house and let me tell you, it's a tip. I'll be honest, even on its best days it wouldn't ever be mistaken for a show home but it is particularly untidy today. But I don't care. It's a happy mess.

pom pom making

 My eldest daughter surprised me with an unexpected trip home from uni (thanks to her BF for his taxi services) and we had one of the children's friends to stay too.

There was lots of chat and laughing and food including a humungous Sunday roast with all the trimmings. We crammed chairs round the table and it was lovely to see all these young people aged from 11-24 enjoying each others company.

My daughter is studying chemistry at University of Brighton and she recently discovered that one of her lecturers, Dr Hal, has his own range of science trump card games.

Dr Hal's science trump cardsDr Hal's trump cards

She brought a set of his physics cards home and I loved seeing them all having fun playing together. Played like the family favourite Top Trumps it was hilarious pitching a black hole against a horse - which do you think came out top?

Playing Dr Hal's science trump cards

a happy mess - children playing in room with cards

Pompoms were made, there was some art, lots of gaming, some shopping, a round of pumpkin lattes in town. Even a migraine didn't completely ruin the day for me.

We spent quite a bit of time on Sunday morning trying to spot my eldest son and his partner on Channel 5 which was screening live action from the Great South Run which they were taking part in. Oddly the cameras seemed more interested in the front runners...

We ended the weekend on a bit of a sad note saying goodbye to a friend who is moving away but even that involved lots of laughs and even more food.

I came home and went straight to bed which is why today I'm looking at bedding, leftovers, crumbs galore, cards, wrappers, pompoms, bits of yarn from pompom making.......

I don't care. It's definitely a happy mess!

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