Bank Attack - A Great Game For All The Family

With children aged between 11 and 25 it can be hard to find a game everyone enjoys playing together but I think, finally we have found the perfect game for children and adults alike. It's called Bank Attack.
Bank attack family game

Bank Attack (#gifted, #ad) is a new, intense and addictive cooperative game for all the family. Work together as criminal masterminds to crack the vault and release the gold hidden inside! You’ve got just five minutes to pull off the heist of the century…

Pick your role in the group – Hacker, Money Man, Look Out, Explosives Expert – and use your special talents to break the bank. 

Bank attack game. Child holds millions of notes

Select a difficulty level, then follow the spoken commands without delay: grab the right tools, pass them on at the right moment, use them quickly and grab the millions!

Make a mistake and you’ll trigger the alarm… but if your teamwork pays off, you’ll soon find out if it’s “job done” when the vault relinquishes its gold!

There are five progressive game levels plus a bonus level, each increasing in intensity and challenge. Can you crack the vault as a team and get the 50 million dollars?

We had so much fun playing this game which you can set up and be playing in just a few minutes (as long as you have a three AA batteries as they are not included even though they are crucial to making the game work.)

Our first time playing we thought we had to push the button to confirm we wanted to play level one and ended up playing level four somehow which was hysterically fast and funny. 

It's our go to game for when visitors come round too as we've found children, teens and adults all seem to enjoy playing it. It's great to pop onto a table after dinner and doesn't take ages to set up. It's easy enough to explain how to play to newbies and everyone has an equal chance of winning as you play as a team. 
Child plays Bank Attack game

If anything the children and teens are quicker off the mark responding to the spoken instructions which gives them a bit of an advantage so no need to sneakily let them win. Not that I ever do this as I'm horribly competitive but I know nice parents do sometimes.

I love that the game doesn't go on too long so the promise of a game after homework for instance is not too onerous. It has many levels so offers a challenge to even the most competitive of game fans. It's screen free but still appeals to sophisticated young players with its electronic element.

This is going to make an awesome present for Christmas - we are actually planning to take our Bank Attack game to my eldest son's for Christmas Day as it will be great to liven everyone up after a big meal. 

My youngest son is autistic and he absolutely loves Bank Attack. It has encouraged him to interact with visitors to our house who are willing to play his new favourite game and I'm looking forward to it helping him to join in the fun with our extended family on Christmas Day.

He likes to explain the rules and help new people learn to play. It's lovely to see him happy to put down his beloved tablet computer and join in with this game with other people.

Children playing #Bankattack

Bank Attack is for 2-4 villains aged 7+. It’s available to buy at Argos, Smyths, Amazon and The Entertainer, SRP £24.99.

You can WIN your own copy of Bank Attack - I have one to giveaway which you can give as a lovely gift or keep to play yourself with friends and family.

Disclaimer. I was gifted a #Bankattack game and another game to give away. Views remain honest and my own. 
Bank Attack game giveaway

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