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I work from home but it can be quite lonely and I've often thought it might be nice to have at least part of my working week based in an office. There are so many more flexible spaces being created that it's easier than ever to tailor-make your office space requirements.
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Just over a mile down the road from me a new office space has opened which people can rent on a variety of terms, hot-desking or renting a more permanent space within the building which also offers shared meeting and conference spaces. There's even a kitchen members can use.

They offer a variety of membership levels which give really flexible options for those who don't need or want permanent premises of their own.

For start-ups and small business in particular these kind of facilities can save a huge amount of money and allow them to present a really professional front to the world without a big initial outlay.

With one regular price usually including maintenance, security and cleaning these kind of flexible office spaces can take all the hassle and stress out of managing your office space. This would be particularly welcome if you are a one man band or small business with enough to juggle without worrying about finding a cleaner.

Of course many businesses want their own premises but finding them can take vital time and energy away from the main business of the company.

This is where office sourcing agencies like Click Offices can be invaluable for the busy boss who wants to find a first office, expand or more without the hassle of screening the small ads and trade papers looking for somewhere.

You can search for exactly what you need whether that's a fully serviced office with broadband, phone lines and heating all ready installed and ready to go to managed offices and co-working spaces where you rent just as many desks as you need.

Offices available can be viewed online at your convenience before booking a viewing visit to ensure the space is exactly what you need. You can even get expert guidance on which areas of the town or city you are considering would be best for your business.

Although sucking up the internet at your local coffee shop while you work on your laptop and drink flat whites may solve some of the isolation issues you really can't manage a video or conference call there while the toddler at the next table attempts to insert their half eaten croissant into your ear.

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And while meeting clients at home or in a cafe might be ok, having the use of more professional setting might just give you the edge over other businesses.

In an increasingly busy world where life races by at a breakneck space, it makes sense to utilise experts and delegate at least part of the job of sourcing office space to people you can trust to find you exactly what you need. Then you can just get on with the business of growing your business.

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