My Obsession With Notebooks, Notepads & Sticky Notes

Hello. My name is madmumof7 and I am addicted to notebooks and notepads. I have an ever-growing collection and I still can't help shopping for more and more even though many of the ones I already have never been used.
notebooks and notepads Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Even though I work online there's still something lovely about an actual hold in your hand paper product. The joy of cracking open a new notebook or starting to write on the first pageof a notepad feels like a new beginning.

My favourite notebook at the moment is a furry one with ears and a vague llama look about it. I use it to record my income and outgoings every week and there's something about doing this, a job I loathe, in a soft, cute furry notepad which makes it feel less of a horrid chore.

And even though I use an app to create a shopping list which theoretically other members of the family can add items to, I also have a magnetic notepad on the fridge which is much more efficient.

One of the joys of my job is that attending conferences and events I am often given a fresh notepad or notebook to help me make notes. I always take them home which is great for the company which has given it to me as it ensures their branding sits around my house as free advertising.

Only this week I gave my son a pad given to me by a very well know car manufacturer- that's their logo off on a school trip to London popping up as a reminder of the brand to anyone who saw it.

Like branded pens and other office equipment custom notepads are a great way of advertising your company or services relatively cheaply and effectively. Who hasn't been to an exhibition and come away happy to use the branded items given away by stall holders in their home and office?

A company like Captain Notepad can create a variety of designs, sizes and styles of notepad which can carry as little as your logo or as much as all your contact details on which you can give to customers or potential customers, or to make sure your branding is consistent across your premises.

From tech companies to electricians, every company wants people to  remember them and make it easy for people to contact them and these notepads can do just that.

Even my doctor will use a notepad obviously given to them by a medical rep to scribble information on for me- even in this high tech world you always need a piece of paper. You can really see why companies like to add their logo to them

Sticky notes are another godsend and I have packets of them which have a myriad of uses from leaving notes on the fridge to marking favourite recipes in buy old cook book.

Tablets and phones aside I think notepads, notebooks and sticky notes will be around and useful for a long time to come. However just to be on the safe side I will continue to hoard them in case there is ever a shortage.

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