People Are Mad

Just a quick one to reiterate my strong belief that many, many people are completely bonkers. Possibly "don't let them hold positions of office or breed" bonkers. I say this after reading the news this morning.

Did you see the one about the Russian bloke who is suing Apple because he claims his iPhone turned him gay? Apparently he tried to buy some crypto currency using an app he downloaded onto his phone and was offered GayCoins instead of Bitcoin. Crucially he also received a message (not from Apple directly, but via the third party app) saying "Don't judge without trying."

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash Rainbow flag

He took this as all the encouragement he needed to experiment with another bloke and turns out, he liked it. And is still enjoying his new lifestyle but not enough to be proud of it and now is suing.

Children. Apple cannot make you gay. Neither can Android gadgets. Just sayin'

In other news a woman in America is in a spot of bother after apparently swapping her one year old baby for a car. Actually a 27 year old car so not even a whizzy brand new thing. Tempting as it has been to trade my children or my own kidneys for a more reliable vehicle on occasion,  I would never go through with it. Because it's mad. Oh and wrong. Mad and wrong. Don't do it. Don't even think about it.

In the UK one fashion brand is selling fake wireless headphones for people who can't afford the real thing. Not just cheap imitations which look ok but maybe don't have great sound quality, battery life or connection but complete "faux" headphones which don't work at all. WTF?

This maybe shouldn't be surprising in a world where Trump and Boris are in charge and we have one world leader who dictates what hairstyles his countrymen must wear but somehow I continue to be surprised on an almost daily basis.

That is all.

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