Why I Love My Buzz Cut

I know none of you young things out there will believe me but being older is not all bad. Well it hasn't been for me. I have more confidence in many ways than I did 20 years ago and I care much less about fitting in with the herd.

I always loved my blonde hair and for a long time wore it long, 'helping" the colour when it started to look less Scandi and more mousy.

madmumof7 with long blonde hair decorating christmas tree

The menopause brought rage, bad skin and devastation to my hair. I found I was having to dye it more and more frequently as the colour just didn't seem to last.

My long locks ended up being perfect for Hallowe-en.  Like limp dry curtains hanging like a wig. No amount of conditioner could rescue my hair. I decided it was time to go grey gracefully and having the patience of a 2 year old (none) I decided drastic times called for drastic measures.

So I cut it short. Very short. I never regretted my bold makeover for a second.

madmumof7 with short hair

Fast forward a couple of years and with what my daughter calls hell's waterfall a distant memory I was tempted to grow my hair again and see what it looked like fully grey. Mainly because the frequent hair dresser trips very short hair requires were a pain in the bum costing time and money.

Friends, I didn't like it. I didn't like the sensation of feeling my hair blowing about in the wind, I didn't like the badger-esque grey and white patches and I didn't like the mummy short do's my hairdresser was trying to foist on me.

I got home disappointed after one salon trip and joked to my husband I felt like taking the clippers to my hair. As supportive as ever and endlessly tolerant of my sometimes quirky fashion sense he encouraged me to go for it. 

We browsed Pinterest images of girls with buzz cuts and with his assurances that I could carry off such a bold look I plugged in and buzzed my hair off using a #3 guard.

madmumof7 with buzz cut

Looking in the mirror I wasn't sure. I liked it but it wasn't quite right. I lived with it for 24-hours then realised the issue was my hair wasn't short enough. Out came the clippers again and after using the #2 guard it looked much better. Well to me anyway.

I love it. I can trim it at will so it's always neat, I can use a shampoo bar easily and my hair only needs washing around every three days instead of the usual every day routine I've had for decades.

When it's windy or rainy I joke that my 'do will be ruined when of course it stays exactly the same. No damp hair sticking to my face. It's perfect for hot weather and holidays when I can get out of the pool, rinse and go.

No more hat hair, buying and using hair product, bad hair days or time and money spent going to the hairdresser.

Yes, it's a bold look and I'm sure many people who don't know me assume I'm lesbian or recovering from chemo.

I don't know what my friends and family think of it. Well, some have been amused but supportive (including Claire, pictured below) while many have just not mentioned it so I'm assuming they are not fans but do you know what? I don't really care.

madmumof7 at party with friend

And that right there is the joy of not being 24 any more. It's my hair. I like it and if I want to team it with a gold puffer jacket and harem pants I will.

I am menopausal woman - hear me roar.