Does Nose Piercing Hurt?

This is the internet search question I have asked many, many times over the years as I tried to pluck up the courage to get my nose pierced. Well the short answer is "yes, but not as much as you'd expect." Stay with me and I'll explain.

madmumof7 on Brighton beach with nose piercing

I was keen to get my nose pierced in my early 30's but one of my children was dead against it and I don't want to upset him for the sake of a bit of jewellery.

I thought about it again when I turned 40 ten years ago but after more internet research where opinions ranged from "nah, doesn't hurt" to "argh it hurts loads" I bottled out.

Recently I turned 50 and heavily encouraged by my eldest daughter and her boyfriend ( henceforth to be called Boy Wonder) and the news that the child who originally was against the idea now couldn't have cared less what I did with my nose, I started researching again.

I peered into gloomy tattoo and piercing shop windows and searched online for positive anecdotes. I asked friends who had already done it their experiences but they pretty much echoed the online stuff.

I learned that you should definitely do it with a needle rather than a gun. This actually put me off for a while because I had my ears done with a gun and it was quick and I don't remember any pain, just hot ears for a while.

Bear in mind I hate needles, dread blood tests and had to look away when my babies were vaccinated. I tried magnetic nose studs for a while but kept losing them.

Then I went along to Brighton with my daughter who is now at university there and we discovered a bright pink, wide open to the street piercing store, Punktured, which was filled with people of all ages booking piercings and buying jewellery. You can't miss it in Gardner Street as there is a giant pink snail on the wall above the shop.

Punktured snail in Brighton

I didn't feel conspicuous having a look round and the price list was in plain sight. My husband, daughter and Boy Wonder egged me on, and after a chat with the immensely reassuring Beth who specialises in nervous customers, I paid a small deposit, chose a cute bright blue opal stud and booked an appointment for later that day.

Beth promised me that although the piercing by needle would hurt, it wouldn't be as painful as I expected. She said because of the location a lot of people's eyes water briefly. Her calm, knowledgable air greatly reassured me.

I went back a couple of hours later and accompanied by my husband (see, I told you I was a coward) I sat in a chair which resembled a dentist chair but didn't feel as nervous as I do at the dentist. I was a bit excited and slightly amazed I was finally doing it.

Beth advised me to shut my eyes and directed me how to breathe while she pierced. There was a short sharp pain, some tugging and it was done. My eyes didn't even really water.

madmumof7 and Beth from Punktured after nose piercing in Brighton

I was so proud of myself for finally doing it. Yes it maybe a little cliched as a milestone birthday move but it really is something that's been on my bucket list for years.

madmumof7 with nose piercing

My favourite moment was coming out into the shop where my daughter and Boy Wonder were waiting to hear him say with awe in his voice:"I didn't think you'd actually go through with it."

Responses have been mixed from those who say it looks so naturally "me" they couldn't remember if I'd always had a piercing there to people who have studiously ignored it and not mentioned it.

So in answer to any questions. Yes it hurt but not a lot and not for long. No I can't feel it in my nose most of the time. Yes you can blow your nose easily, even if you have a cold and no I don't regret doing it for a second.

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