How To Be a More Eco-conscious Traveller

It's not just media hype. The time really has come to seriously look at our way of life and make more responsible choices to ensure the future of our planet for future generations.

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From dietary choices to recycling there are many ways to change our lifestyle quite easily but one of the biggest changes we can make is the way we travel.

Shank's pony is the most earth-friendly mode of transport but inevitably there are times that many of us still need to travel by car but choosing a vehicle which uses less damaging fuels will help to keep the impact of car usage down at least a little.

Car sharing and ride sharing are also great ways to cut down on the number of vehicles on the road, and can work out very economical for the users too!

Both systems are self explanatory really. Car sharing means you share a car, maybe with neighbours or family or within a group of friends and share the cost and usage of the vehicle. My neighbours managed for years with this system, mainly getting around on bikes and using a car when absolutely necessary.

Ride sharing means you can coordinate rides where you might never be the driver. It's like car-pooling where you share a route. Our local town has a Facebook group for commuters and they are in the process of trying to set up a ride share for the couple of miles from the town centre to the out of town railway station.

It's proving more tricky than you'd image however but luckily there are services to make the whole process easier. They could sort out a life share with Ridecell for instance.

The Ridecell platform provides the technology needed to run a standalone ridesharing or carsharing operation—or a hybrid service that combines both. 

End-to-end automation covers onboarding new riders, checking IDs, dynamic pricing, driver-rider matching, ride scheduling, payment processing, demand-supply balancing, personalised settings, and even referral programs and promotions. And, of course, there’s a customisable app that’s easy for drivers and riders to love.

If your company is looking to offer this kind of service for their fleet Ridecell provides all the functionality needed to scale successful car sharing, ride sharing and micro-mobility services – even helping you optimise your fleet operations.

Until public transport is improved so it is cheap and convenient or we sacrifice more money and convenience to be able to use public transport car and ride sharing seems to be a good compromise.

The are other ways we can make our daily movements more eco-conscious. Walk and cycle as often as possible. Don't own a bike? Many cities now have rent a bike schemes on the street to make getting around quick and easy.

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Why not offer lifts to neighbours or offer to pick items up for them to save two people making the same trip by car?

Have you thought about a scooter as an option? I love to use mine in the city and for short trips to our local store. I have a rucksack for the items I want to carry and lights so I can use it in the dark. It's non-polluting and it is fun too!

It folds up for me to take it on the train or bus and I have a lock so I can leave it securely outside stores while I'm shopping. Scooting mommy has proved to be a real hit with my children too who love that I scoot with them to school.

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