Make Dreams Happen with the Sleep Master Deluxe Sleep Mask

There are many reasons why you might need to sleep in less than ideal conditions. From couples with differing sleep patterns to long distance travellers and night workers, help could well be at hand thanks to the Sleep Master sleep mask (AD)

bearded man wearing Sleep Master Deluxe Sleep Mask

When I spotted that the makers of the Sleep Master Deluxe sleep mask were looking for content creators to review the product I jumped at the chance.

For a start my husband works nights and particularly during the summer struggles to sleep even with heavy curtains as the room is light and the children in our cul-de-sac enjoy playing together outside in  the street. Great for them but not so great for my exhausted hubby.

On his days off it's me that needs this lovely mask which has built in sound muffling properties and is exceptional for light elimination.

Not only does he enjoy watching television before falling asleep but he snores like a warthog with sinus issues. So if the flickering tv and frequent gunplay (he likes to watch NCIS) doesn't keep me awake, the rumbling, squeaking, snorting sounds do. I'm never sure what's worse, the actual snoring or those gaps where there is silence but you lie tense waiting for the snoring to start again.

Hopefully using the Sleep Master I will get a better nights sleep and he will end up with fewer bruises where I poke and kick him to get him to stop snoring.

I plan to make the sleep mask part of my essential travel kit too. It has many fans among long distance travellers already and I have to say I wish I had it for my long flight to Cape Town.

I was given a little comfort pack by my airline but the thin elastic straps were not comfortable after a while and the mask kept slipping. It was hot too. I took it home but the elastic broke quite quickly.

Sleep Master is made from a cooling hypoallergenic, breathable satin fabric in a dark ocean blue colour chosen to maximise light elimination, and the wide band padded with cotton not only makes it comfortable to wear but also muffles outside noise.

Sleep Master deluxe sleep mask with ear plugs and carry bag

For even better noise reduction you can pop in the flexible tapered ear plugs which are rolled up before popping into the ear and will be held in place by the band.

This revolutionary mask comes at two price points - one at £21.99 and the deluxe model at £24.99 which comes with a built in pouch for earplugs (supplied with this option) and a sleek carry bag.

Sleep Master sleep mask with ear plugs
Sleep Master Deluxe Sleep Mask with ear plug pouch identified by black ribbon  tag

Both are washable  - the label says to hand wash but if you fasten the velcro straps and wash the mask in a lingerie washing bag the manufacturers say you will be OK to machine wash. Drip dry only though!

Each mask comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can confidently try it out and see for yourself what a lovely luxurious product the Sleep Master sleep mask is and return it if for some reason you don't get on with it.  (Refund offered minus shipping and handling fees)

I think Sleep Master would make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who likes to nap during the day, works at night, travels or has a partner who likes to read or watch TV in the bedroom.

My husband said he couldn't believe how comfortable the mask was. I loved the tip on the packaging. Apparently you can pop the Sleep Master into the bag it's delivered in then into the freezer to make it a cooling mask which would be perfect for hot humid nights and combatting hangovers or migraines.

Sleep Master deluxe sleep mask packaging

Disclaimer: I was gifted a Sleep Master Deluxe sleep mask free for the purpose of this honest review.