Bucket List of Things To Do Before You Are 50

I often get emailed infographics and to be honest I usually delete them but I found this one- a list of the most important things a Brit should achieve before their 50th birthday -quite interesting, probably because I turned 50 in 2019. 

Sadly there are quite a few items on the list I haven't achieved even as I approach my 51st birthday. Seeing the Northern Lights and Niagra Falls are both on my wishlist but since my mum only saw Niagra Falls at the age of 70 I feel I still have time to tick them off. It was worth the wait apparently in case you wondered.

I doubt I will ever make one million pounds or be a proficient gardner (odd one) but there are quite a few on the list I have either achieved or have a realistic chance at doing. My 50th birthday for instance I did throw a big birthday bash - a drag-queen themed party with lots of sparkly cocktails and dancing.

Any I've done that are not on the list but I would add? Visit Venice which I've managed twice.  It really is like nowhere else on earth. And fly in a hot air balloon before health and safety and a lack of open fields to land in make it almost impossible.


So - here's the details of the nationwide study of those who have reached a half century which revealed the 50 most important things Britons should achieve by then - with being in a loving marriage top of the list (36 percent). Thankfully this one I have achieved. We celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary in May.

As many as 21 percent said owning the house of their dreams was a number one goal, while 15 percent said that by fifty, one should be a proficient gardener. 

Almost a quarter (22 percent) felt FINALLY being happy with their body was a must, while a sensible 28 percent said having a retirement plan in place was vital. 

A whimsical one in twenty (6 percent) feel every fifty-year-old should have been to a festival, while a hedonistic 4 percent claimed visiting the coffee shops of Amsterdam to try cannabis legally, was a life achievement.

Owning a sports car (9 percent), seeing the Northern Lights (20 percent) and having been skinny dipping at least once (6 percent) also made the final list. 

Relationships are also important as having children (25 percent), grandchildren (19 percent), and reconnecting with old friends (15 percent) all made the list. 

Finance is also a key factor, with having a sustainable retirement plan in place (28 percent), having savings in the bank (15 percent) and owning your dream home (21 percent) all scoring highly. 

And travel was important, with experiencing a luxury holiday of a lifetime (21 percent), visiting Niagara Falls (13 percent), driving across America on Route 66 (9 percent) and going on a safari (8 percent) also making the cut.   

A staggering 70 percent of the over-50s polled said they were delighted to reach the half-century mark, and the same number claim that “life begins at 50”, not 40. 

The study, by Raisin UK Savings Marketplace, also revealed that four out of five of those polled admitted their priorities have changed since they turned 50. 

“This research proves how much we can achieve by the time we reach 50 but also how much we can prepare,” says Kevin Mountford, co-founder of Raisin UK, which commissioned the research. “Starting to think practically about your financial future is one of the easiest ways to help you achieve your dream goals by the time you reach 50. 

“Make your savings work as hard as they can by regularly shopping around for the best deals on rates – and don’t be afraid to split your savings into pots and lock them away to earn you more valuable interest. At Raisin we’ve helped over 230,000 customers, across Europe, earn more interest on their savings by helping them search, save and manage from one convenient account.”

The study found that the main thing that holds over 50s Brits back from living their best lives is cash, with 45 percent saying not having enough money stops them doing all they want. Yup - I'd agree with that.


  1. Have a happy marriage / relationship     36%
  2.  Have a retirement plan in place    28%
  3.  Learn how to say “no”     27%
  4.  Have two holidays a year    26%
  5. To have had children      25%
  6.  To feel happy with your body    22%
  7.  To have been on a luxury holiday of a lifetime   21%
  8.  Own the house of your dreams    21%
  9.  See the Northern Lights    20%
  10. Welcome your first grandchild into the world   19%
  11.  Pay off your loans / be debt free   18%
  12.  Have a driveway      18%
  13. Have enough spare cash to treat yourself   17%
  14. Have savings in the bank    15%
  15.  Get back in touch in touch with an old friend  15%
  16. Be a proficient gardener     15%
  17. See your child get married    14%
  18.  Learn to get by in another language    14%
  19.  Enjoy your own company    13%
  20. Have time for reading      13%
  21.  Make a million pounds     13%
  22.  Visit Niagara Falls     13%
  23.  Forgive someone who upset you   12%
  24.  Watch the sunrise on a deserted beach   12%
  25.  Live abroad for a year     11%
  26.  Fly first class      11%
  27.  Swim with dolphins     10%
  28.  Own your own company    9%
  29.  Be in your dream career    9%
  30.  Own a sports car     9%
  31.  Drive across America on Route 66   9%
  32.  Go on a safari      8%
  33.  Learn to play an instrument    8%
  34.  Walk along the Great Wall of China   8%
  35.  Volunteer for a charity     7%
  36.  Own at least an acre of land    7%
  37.  Pen a novel      7%
  38.  Walk my daughter down the aisle   7%
  39.  Stay up all night      7%
  40.  Throw a big 50th birthday bash    6%
  41.  Have a walk-in wardrobe    6%
  42.  Visit a vineyard      6%
  43.  Go to a festival      6%
  44.  Go skinny dipping     6%
  45. Meet up with an ex     5%
  46.  Eat at a Michelin star restaurant   5%
  47.  Own a four-wheel-drive    5%
  48.  Do something that scares you    5%
  49.  Write a love letter to someone    4%
  50.  Smoke Cannabis in Amsterdam    4%