Dreaming of Moving To A New Clutter Free Home.

Are you considering moving house as we move into this brand new decade? Many people feel like a fresh start after the winter holidays but there's so much to organise whether you are a home owner or renting. Finding a home, booking movers and packers, changing your address on all your paperwork... the list is long.

Property in Limmasol, Cyprus

The fun part is looking at properties. Even though I have no realistic plan to move I love looking in estate agent windows locally and when we are away from home.

And I am surely not the only person to watch those programmes where "experts" show people round homes in the UK and abroad and marvel at what I could buy with the proceeds from my house in another area.

Only today I watched one of those programmes where a stunning five bedroom home in a beautiful Spanish town cost far less than a house in a less than gorgeous area of our local town. To be honest I think the programme was filmed about five years ago but still, it was fun to dream of sunshine and seaside living for a while on a dreary day.

madmumof7 in Cyprus

One of the biggest thing that appeals to me about moving is that I would be forced to de-clutter. Glancing around I think I'd need a fleet of skips to achieve the uncluttered look of the fabulous villas I admire so much on TV.

Here I've kind of gone for a granny/shabby chic, country cottage-esque look but I'd quite like the opportunity to go for a sleek minimalistic neat and tidy vibe. Trouble is I'm really rubbish at throwing things away in case I need them at some undefined point in the future.

cat on vintage chair

I also have a serious obsession with charity shops and adore finding treasures at bargain prices. I also have a weakness for collecting lamps -the room I'm sitting in has four lamps including a fabulous vintage standard lamp rescued from someone throwing it out.

If I did ever decided to actually take the plunge and move I would definitely employ the services of a good removal company like 2removal movers and packers who would take all of the stress and effort out of transferring all our world goods from a to b.

Without that kind of service I would end up in the same mess I ended up in when I moved from my home as a single woman to the home I've spent my entire married life in so far.

I honestly think there are still boxes in the attic which are untouched from the day I dumped them there almost 30 years ago with the idea I would sort through them when life settled down.

I'm guessing if I haven't needed the stuff in them by now I probably never will. But who thinks I might end up taking them with me if I move just in case?

I should probably buy a property like one of those wonderful foreign homes which doesn't even have a loft. I'd happily swap storage space for a sunny roof garden any day.