Get Smart: New Thermostat Technology

How do you feel about your old thermostat? Most old thermostats are accompanied by daily problems. It may decide to die without warning, breakdown in the middle of the winter, or refuse to turn off the AC (air conditioning).

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In fact, there are many people still struggling with their HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units simply because they have an old thermostat.

There are four main signs that you should look out for to find out whether the thermostat is damaged. First, the thermostat may keep refusing to start, maybe because the wires are old or broken. 
You will then find the AC running constantly without turning off despite your settings. Even when you change the thermostat batteries, it keeps failing. Lastly, there are many times when the indoor temperatures are uneven and it's frustrating. 
When this happens, then you should know that it's time to upgrade your thermostat. Despite being cheap to install, the old thermostats normally operate by metal bars that heat and cool to control your indoor comfort. This means that they must take some time to absorb heat and cool down - that's what metals do. 
They are, therefore, unreliable and cause your home's major temp variations. And despite this fact, out of the 85 percent of U.S households that use thermostats to condition their homes, only 35 percent of those use smart thermostats. 
Many people prefer saving on the costs of purchase, but they forget about the costs incurred on energy bills. If you are interested in improving your home comfort while saving on your energy bills, be among the smart few and contact Ellington AC today for smart thermostat installation. 

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