Meet Woffle, Our Pet Ferret.

Somehow, and I'm not entirely sure how she did it, my younger daughter has managed to pursuade me to add a pet ferret to our family. His name is Woffle or Woffles depending on her mood and if a ferret could be counted as an emotional support animal, he is hers.

woffles the hob ferret

 She originally wanted to add a dog to our pet collection but although I am home a lot I'm not a huge fan of dogs and didn't fancy taking one on. Plus she wanted a small fluffy dog and the rest of the family favoured a big animal.
Woffle the Ferret

Somehow she worked out that ferrets are a good cross between cats and dogs. They play like kittens, you can walk them like dogs and they sleep for a good proportion of the day being mostly active in the morning and evening.

She tracked down a cat and child friendly rescue ferret in a location she knew I would be willing to drive to, near Dudley where I grew up. You can check out the Central Ferret Welfare charity's Facebook Page for details of available ferrets and their work with these lovely animals.

And so we now have Waffle, a Hob (unneutered male) who loves squirty cream and anything crinkly and has a bit of a foot fetish.

Woffle the Ferret

He is adorable, although the translation of the latin name for ferret, Mustela putorius furo, is "smelly little thief" which perfectly describes him.

Actually, I don't think his smell is as strong or unpleasant as the two rats we used to have or a wet dog or wet horse smell, but I am aware it's not going to appeal to everyone.

Woffle the Ferret

One thing is for sure, like many species which can be considered relatively domesticated ferrets have a huge devoted fan base. I already think Woffles is the most gorgeous ferret alive and have started an instagram account so my daughter and I can share his cuteness. Feel free to pop along and give us a follow here.

As I type I can hear the little fellow creating havoc in our conservatory.  It's the first time he's been allowed there as we wanted to make sure he could not hurt himself, damage anything or escape. My daughter is supervising him and it's hilarious listening to her speaking to him like he's a mischievous toddler. 

We've just had to confiscate some bubble wrap we'd given him as the rescue centre said he liked it but the little so-and-so started to chew it and obviously it's not going to be good for him if he swallows it.

You can buy ferret toys but as long as you avoid anything rubber or swallowable you can pick up cat or dog toys for them. However they will be equally happy playing with an empty box (or one filled with ballpit type balls or dry rice) anything you can make into a tunnel like rolled up carpet or drainpipe tube and of course anything they find in your house which is precious to you.

Woffle the Ferret

They say ferrets make good pets for working people because of their sleep patterns but unless you can commit to spending hours a day playing or at least supervising them while they play out of their cage you should NOT even consider it.

They can be bitey too so not a great option for young or nervous children. If you are immensely house proud you might also not want a pet that is not always great at pooping in their litter tray and may well scratch up your carpets. 

Woffle the Ferret

I read somewhere that even if your ferret has been through the currently closed door, now they can't, that doorway becomes in their minds the portal to paradise and they must get through it.

KI*uo0 - Ferret ran across the keyboard. 

If you have time, patience, energy, a poor sense of smell and a tolerance for keeping an eagle eye on a frisky ferret the rewards are excellent. They are endlessly entertaining and beyond cute. 

Woffle the Ferret

I was thinking of getting rid of the carpet anyway.