New Year, New Home? Moving House in 2020.

New year, new home? Starting a new decade could be the nudge many people needed to take a look at their lifestyle and make some changes. Sometimes a new place to live can make a huge difference to your whole existence and finding a good removals company to help you relocate can make it a much easier move -excuse the pun.

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While my teenage son was appearing in panto recently I was backstage chatting with cast and crew members about house prices in our area. We live in a very nice area of the Home Counties and house prices are often vastly inflated compared to what you can get elsewhere.

One of the people I was talking to was telling me she had swapped their reasonably sized family home in a very popular location for a much larger home on a much larger plot just because it was in countryside near a less picturesque town.

Her children were much older and independently mobile so she wasn't tied to being near a good school. Meanwhile another person whose children had flown from the nest years ago said they were planning to downsize and move away from their relatively isolated village to somewhere they could buy basics even when they were maybe not able to drive any longer.

Our house is currently full to bursting and I would love to upsize but I know this current situation is temporary so we will just have to stay cosy until things change again and just hope each of our children don't produce as many children as we did. We would need to buy a hotel-sized property to fit them all in.

In a way we are lucky that we live where we do in a chocolate-box style village just a short train ride out of London.  If we did decide to move house locally we could probably find somewhere at least slightly bigger in a local town, possibly even within the confines of the M25.

Buildings and open topped London Tour Bus, London

It might be nice to be within a tube ride of everything London has to offer. I could pop and buy my fave brand of Katsu curry mix, treat myself to bubble tea from my favourite cafe in Chinatown and finally explore all of the unique markets, shop, sights and restaurants our capital city is bursting with.

Bubble tea

At least then we could call on the services of the M25 Movers London, a company with more than 10 years experience of moving people around and into London.

Although if I'm honest if I ever get up the courage, energy and money to move again I'd probably move to the seaside, either here or abroad. There's something about the ocean which brings me deep joy.

Orford. harbour,  UK

I'd like to think  moving house would provide me with the perfect opportunity to do some serious decluttering. I often joke that I am almost at TV documentary levels of hoarding but actually Ive got a lot better at throwing things away.

We had our loft re-insulated quite recently and clearing the roof space in preparation caused me anxiety and satisfaction in almost equal measures.

Knowing me I would probably get any movers to just pack everything up with the noble intention of sorting the tat from the treasure once.  I'd settled in. Let's face it though we all know there would just be a collection of unopened boxes in the attic of the new place. Why exactly am I keeping my history text book from 1986 anyway?

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