4 tell-tale signs that you’ve hired the wrong criminal defence lawyer

When you've had a brush with the law and you're desperate to prove your innocence, choosing the right attorney could make or break the outcome of your case. The last thing you want is to spend time in jail for a crime you didn't commit or have your lawyer fail to achieve any reduced sentencing on your behalf - click here to discover how to find out if you have a warrant
They say that finding the right lawyer is like finding a needle in a haystack, and whilst finding the right lawyer may be difficult, avoiding the wrong lawyer is easier than you might think.
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Here we’ve gathered 4 tell-tale signs that you’ve hired the wrong criminal defence lawyer.
They’re telling you that you’ll win
Under no circumstances should a criminal defence lawyer be guaranteeing you the result you want. They can be confident, and make you feel reassured that they’ll do their very best to ensure you walk free, but they should never convince you that they can win this case for you. 
It is in fact, against the law for a lawyer to guarantee the results of a case so if a potential candidate is willing to break the law and their own legal ethics then you should continue to look for a lawyer elsewhere. 
You have no information about costs or contracts
So a prospective lawyer is filling you with confidence and already outlining how they’re going to get you the best possible result. However, it’s what they’re not talking about that should cause you concern. 
A good, ethical lawyer will always outline the terms and conditions, the contracts and pricing structures of their representation. It should be clear, concise and they should be more than happy to go through any aspect with you in more detail, at your request. 
You should sign a contract, and you should both receive a copy of it. If this doesn’t happen, then leave!
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They don’t communicate
When you’ve been accused of a crime, and you have an impending court date, evidence being used against you and your own side of events to get across, it’s an emotional rollercoaster that requires communication from your lawyer to keep you in the loop! 
Your attorney should be putting you at ease with regular contact and updates on your case to give you peace of mind. Face to face meetings, video calls, emails, phone calls, discussions about your defence and the evidence etc. You should have a lot to talk about! If not, then you’ve hired the wrong lawyer and should look elsewhere. 
They’re pressuring you to plead guilty
In some cases, if it’s in your interest, lawyers will suggest pleading guilty. Depending on the progress of the case and the likely outcome. 
However, if your attorney is pressuring you to plead guilty in the early stages of the case, then they’re simply not going through all the possible options or trying to help you. 
They simply want your case off their desk. Whether it’s a traffic offence or a more serious crime you’ve been accused of, your lawyer should be fighting hard for you every step of the way.

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