Finding the One: 6 Signs You Should Marry Your Partner

There are some individuals that know who they are going to marry the first time they see someone. For others, it may take longer to figure out what the future might be. Either way, taking the time to get to know one another is time well spent.
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Here are 6 signs you should marry your partner:
1. You Are a Priority To Them 
If your partner makes time for you, they are making you a priority in their life and that is a great thing. Everyone is busy, but when you are in love, you make time for one another. Your loved one becomes a top priority, no matter how busy life becomes. 
madmumof7 and husband
2. They Stand and Fight 
If your significant other stands and fights with you, and they don't run away, then they are a keeper. Every couple fights, no matter how wonderful their life together seems. There are misunderstandings and things happen. But you want a partner that will stand and argue things out, not take off in a huff. And they fight fair, not dirty or mean. 
3. They Are Mature 
Of course, there are times to be childish and fun, but when it comes to being an adult, they are mature. They don't make jokes at the wrong time or are mean spirited with their words and intentions. Maturity is not something everyone possesses, and it takes a bit of time to discover this, but worth the time to find this out.
4. They Have a Sense of Humor
If your partner says something every day that makes you laugh or at least smile, they are a good person and worth the investment. A good sense of humor is the leading attraction among both men and women because life can be hard, and a good laugh helps. 
5. They Are Secure and Self-Confident
Your significant other is secure and self-confident in that they do not get jealous or upset when others show you attention. This is a sign that they are secure in their own skin; that they know you love them and are not going to stray. They are not threatened by others that compliment you, they will agree and be proud to be with you as a desirable person.
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6. They Celebrate You
Your partner gives you compliments and small gifts "just because", not only for holidays and anniversaries. They are genuinely happy for you when you have good news and want to celebrate with you. They know that any advancement in your career is a good thing for both of you, not just you. 
If you are lucky enough to find someone to love you and that you love, you will know what to do and how to handle everything that comes your way. They will not change for you, but they will adjust to create a wonderful partnership, and that is the best outcome one can hope for.

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