Paradise Lost in Cyprus

So many people dream of moving overseas - me included- but a recent walk in sunny Cyprus demonstrated that for some, that dream of living in paradise does not always go to plan.

There is a sad story behind the abandonment of this formerly lovely home which I won't share here. Suffice it to say no-one really knows whether the owner will ever come back so the house slowly slips into disrepair.

abandoned villa in Cyprus

Plants lovingly placed in the garden go wild, winter storms take their toll on paintwork, patios, garden features and presumably the roof. 

Who know what it looks like inside- if the rooftop well which drains rainwater from the roof has got blocked with detritus from the many pigeons and other birds who frolic unchallenged on top of the house, the ceiling may well have collapsed.

I dread to think what the swimming pool looks like now. At night you can hear tree frogs from the back garden which is lovely as background music to an al fresco barbecue but quite annoying if you are trying to sleep.

It looks like even the people delivering junk mail have given up stuffing the overfilled letter box. Such a sad sight, a once beautiful house going to wrack and ruin. I wonder if anyone would notice if I just moved in........

Cyprus letterbox

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