5 Things I Am Thankful For Today

Blimey this is depressing isn't it? So many things we take for granted suddenly seem to be slipping from our grasp, and no-one knows when life will be back to normal again. I found myself feeling very anxious so decided to give myself a firm talking to, find a little light in the darkness and count my blessings.

Here's my list for today of 5 things I am thankful for;

The Internet

I am praying that the internet can cope with the strain of everyone stuck at home streaming, working, gaming, communicating as this is my biggest thing to be thankful for.

 Some people have been comparing battling the threat of COVID-19 to life during the world wars but I think we have it much easier in many ways.

Many people can continue to work. We have entertainment, online shopping, click and collect and ways to communicate with others to ask for help.

family playing console game

Most of all we can use that technology to keep in touch with friends and family. Today already I've had a cheery chat via text with a friend, Facebook Messenger has allowed me to offer assistance to another friend, I've spoken with my mum isolated in Cyprus and Ive used Snapchat to speak to my daughter.

My Family

Imagine sending your children away to keep them safe (from bombs in the past) and only being able to rely on a slow and sometimes disrupted postal service?

Imagine being terrified for your life, worried about your husband on the front and then having to push your sobbing children onto a train going who knows where to stay with who knows who?

There have been lots of jokes about how we will cope with our children at home but I would rather endure that, than send them away.

This Mother's Day will feel very strange with no church service to attend and probably not all of my children with me but at least I can FaceTime my mum and the two sons who live further away, plus I managed to get a bit of beef AND a treacle tart to share with those who are at home so it's not all bad.

madmumof7 and her mum in Paphos, Cyprus

Autism is a bit of a family trait so I am trying very hard to be the stability many of my children need, the constant in their lives.

If you have autistic family members or are autistic yourself you could do worse than head over to check out autistic blogger PurpleElla  (my sister) who will be stepping up frequency of her successful videos offering tips for managing autistic life generally with additional tips for this extraordinary environment we are living in.


Unlike our wartime counterparts we have a huge range of technology at our fingertips. Let's start with the much-maligned "electronic babysitters", the TV, tablets and computers which many of our children adore.

These gadgets used wisely will allow us time to work, relax and pass time. Intersperse tech time with outdoor time like a bike ride or a kick about. I scoot to school usually with my 11-year-old autistic son and when his school closes wee decided we will continue to have a daily scooter ride together to get some fresh air, exercise and enjoy a nice one to one chat.

madmumof7 and son on scooters

My Friends

There is a real sense of "see you on the other side" permuting life day by day. I have already spent my last days with my friends. A last breakfast with one pal, one last movie night with another. One last dinner and Sunday lunch with friends happened before we realised that's what they were.

Thankfully we can keep in touch and I have plans to launch a virtual book club and plan to keep in touch using aforementioned technology and internet. Friends are the family you choose they say so don't leave it too long to fire off a quick text or share a terrible meme.

My Audience

I am particularly grateful for any of you who keep on reading and sharing. To some extent my business involving SEO and the advertising on my page is still going and every click and share means pennies in my pocket.

There will be no government help for tiny businesses like mine but while I don't earn much it all helps keep us to our very tight budget. Meanwhile my husband is busy restocking Tesco shelves at night. To date he's worked 18 days solid and ongoing he is literally working night AND day to try and keep essentials available to all.

I'm incredibly proud of him and really want to do my bit to support the family too so if you are stuck at home feel free to read more of my articles. I've been doing this for years now so there is plenty of material for you to scroll through!

Thanks to you all, see you on the other side and remember;