Classic Toys to Amuse Bored Children (& Adults) PLUS link to campaign to support NHS workers.

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A crowdfund page to raise money for our crucial NHS workers has been set up by Media PR. 

In times of uncertainty when self-isolation is strongly advised, an unprecedented surge of indoor toy sales have risen for one London toy company - Wicked. The sudden interest with their indoor active sports range has caught Wicked by surprise.
David Strang, Founder/CEO says ‘We were busy preparing the team for the inevitable changes the business will be facing in terms of health, hygiene and store closures when our sales started unexpectedly rising over the last two weeks. 

We can only guess that more people are working from home and are looking for ways to keep themselves and family active, mobile, possibly learning new skills and preventing boredom from setting in. 

Our sales normally rely heavily on tourism and business coming from major toy stores.  This is now obviously not possible as they have all closed.  As our toys are manufactured in the UK, local businesses like us appreciate the support now more than ever’.
The warm weather is still some time away so switching on Netflix or the tablet seems to be the go-to after school and work activity. More families are turning to active toys to balance out the impending excessive screen time in the coming weeks. Throwing an Indoor Boomerang around the lounge or jumping rope if there is space, is a lot more beneficial than being glued to a screen.

Before Coronavirus nostalgia was kicking in with Wicked’s Mega Jump, a premium adjustable skipping rope. Parents are happy to re-live their own childhoods and introduce skipping tricks and Double Dutch to their kids.

If cabin fever sets in, playing in. the garden or an empty field is the best option. By avoiding play equipment and bringing your own toys, families can still enjoy spending time together without worrying about germs. 

With all the negativity around it’s great to see how toys are helping strengthen relationships between parents and their children.

Who would’ve guessed an indoor boomerang and a skipping rope would be a must have item?

For a range of active toys ideal for indoors and the garden visit

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