Mum, Mam, Mummy or Mother?

I'm sure I am not alone trying to be stoic about the possibility of not seeing all of my children this Sunday (March 22) because of COVID-19. One son lives about 100 miles away and the other just in the next town but because of my health conditions our plans may now have to change.

As we know when Mother’s Day approaches, the shops are filled with a proliferation of cards dedicated to ‘Mum’ as well as countless products branded ‘world’s best Mum’ or ‘I love my Mum’. 

However, according to the results of a recent YouGov survey commissioned by botanical soft drinks producer, Fentimans, only 55% of respondents most commonly called their mother ‘Mum’ with the next three most popular expressions being  ‘Mom’, ‘Mam’ and ‘Mummy’. 

With this in mind, Fentimans has created an exclusive range of three limited edition Mother’s Day Rose Lemonade bottles, with three different labels, ‘Mam’, ‘Mum’ and ‘Mom’. I'm not being paid to share this info - I just like the idea and chose to share without payment or reward.

Those looking for an extra special personalized gift this Mother’s Day should visit to be in the chance of getting their hands on one. 

 I'd probably opt for "Mum", although for reasons known only to themselves, my children mostly call me "Mother" apart from on our family group chat where I am known as "Mothering Overlord."

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