Mummy, I Want A Pony!

Since time immemorial, little girls across the globe have gone to bed on Christmas Eve
hoping that when they wake up in the morning there will be a pony in their living room. To a small child, all you need is a small garden with a bit of grass and some hay to feed them.

The reality is obviously more complex. Who knew there was such a thing as ‘equine law’? If you are in the position to buy your child a horse or pony these guidelines will help make the process a whole lot less complicated.

Horses Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

What is Equine Law?
Let's get this one out of the way first. Basically, equine law relates to every aspect of horses,
any activity including horses, horse-based businesses and facilities and the buying and selling of horses. 

Contracts such as sales agreements, and litigation related to a horse transaction, issues rising from immigration for workers in the horse industry and much, much more are all handled by an equine law attorney, and you will need one in place in order to purchase your pony.

Don't Make a Knee Jerk Decision!

Make no mistake, buying a pony is a massive investment and you really need to think about
it carefully before taking the plunge. First off, has your child ridden before? Are they of an age where they can feed and take care of a pony? 

pony.Photo by Melissa Regina on Unsplash

Obviously they won't be able to look after the pony 100% of the time, are you committed to making sure it has all the love, care and attention it needs? If your child has never had lessons how do you know if they even like riding? Your child may be allergic to horsehair, or may be frightened of them when they are up close. Imagine shelling out thousands of dollars on a pony then finding this out? 

A child with a pet pony in a field is soon going to grow bored with just looking at it and then you have all the hassle of selling it again. Take your time and make sure everyone will benefit from this purchase.

The Costs Involved

The purchase cost of a pony is only the beginning. Unless you live on a ranch or have acres of land you will probably be looking at having your pony stabled. This doesn't come cheap as you are basically paying somebody to give your pony a home and make sure it has plenty of food and other comforts. 

Then there are vets bills, paying the farrier to take care of its feet and shoes and, if they are very young, training. Add on to this the lawyer’s fees for the sale and you are looking at forking out a serious amount of money, not just now but for as long as you own the pony.

Is it Worth the Time, Effort and Expense?

If your child is a real horse nut and loves riding and grooming and all the rest of it then yes.

Photo by Joshua Sagar on Unsplash horse in field

Having their own pony will not only bring hours of pleasure but will also allow them to hone essential life skills such as caring and taking responsibility. If you child changes their mind like the weather and has no real interest in it past wanting to stick a horn on its head to turn it into a unicorn then it probably isn't the best way to spend your hard-earned cash.

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