Take the Fuss out of Shoe Fitting at Hotter thanks to New Technology #MyHotterFit

If you asked me what my shoe size is I'd probably say I'm between a 4 and a 6 depending on the shoe style and the store or brand. I was intrigued to hear that Hotter have introduced a whizzy gadget to help not only accurately gauge the exact size of your feet and give you 3D measurements of them, but also helps you choose the best shoes for you. (AD)

Madmumof7 wearing Gentle shoes from Hotter #MyHotterFit

Hotter store, Centre:MK, Milton Keynes

 I went along to the Hotter store at Centre MK in Milton Keynes to experience first hand the superior fitting experience staff can offer there using their passion, expertise and the new Hotter Footprintscanner.
Hotter Footprint TM sizing machine

madmumof7 using Hotter Footprint TM #MyHotterFitmadmumof7 using Hotter Footprint TM #MyHotterFit

The scanner uses innovative digital technology to create a 3D image of your feet determining size, fit and arch type with pinpoint accuracy in just a few seconds.

Did you know that over 75% of people haven't had their feet measured in the last ten years? Our feet. can change size and shape as we get older so it's important to get them measured regularly. 

Virginie from the Milton Keynes Hotter store told me she would advise people to get them checked at least twice a year as the seasons change. So if you are thinking about getting new winter shoes at the end of the year or sandals and other summer styles at the start of spring, get your feet measured.

Choosing shoes, I'd normally start with a size 5 then go down or up a size depending on the fit. With the Hotter Footprintyou get a better idea of what size, style and fit to try.

I stood on the footplate in my socks for a few seconds and then marvelled at the 3D image of my feet which appeared on the large screen in front of me. The device calculated that one foot was slightly wider and longer than the other and I had a neutral arch. This means I don't have flat feet or a particularly high arch.

Then came the cleverest bit for me - the screen displayed pictures and details of the styles which best suited the size and shape of my feet.

Rather than hog the machine I opted to have a copy sent to my email address and Virginie also had a copy on an iPad staff can use to assist customers after their measurements are taken.

I chose a style as a test and it informed me that in that shoe a size 6.5 (UK) would be recommended with an 87% fit while a 6 would be acceptable. Looking at other styles mostly I came up as a 5.

Awkward as always, my feet are on the border of being slim fitting so Virginie advised that I try both the slim and the regular fitting versions of the shoes which had that option. Hotter do wide and extra wide (EEE) fittings too in many styles.

I then wandered around the store and chose a couple of styles to try. Virginie checked them against my details and went to find the sizes and width fittings the gadget recommended.

Hotter Chase shoes #MyHotterFit

Hotter Darcy Heels Shoes #MyHotterFit

Now Hotter are well known for offering quality stylish and comfortable shoes. Check out these new Darcy Heels (pictured above) which come in a range of colourways and have a hidden stretch insert for comfort.

Their gorgeous Donna Heels are just about the perfect comfy yet gorgeous shoe for pain-free weddings, parties, work and any occasion where you want to glance down at your feet and feel happy.  The style which has been on sale for a long time has just had a style update.

I have diabetes and fibromyalgia so will always opt for the most comfortable footwear possible so was delighted when Virginie told me about the new Gentle shoes with all round cushioning. 

They are a style which could pass as a trainer-style casual shoe or as a more formal shoe, so great for many situations. I could imagine them teamed with a summer dress, midi skirt or cropped or wide-leg  trousers which can be seen in all the shops this season. 

It was notable that Virginie was not the only member of staff to be wearing this style. I imagine being on your feet all day you would want the most comfortable shoe imaginable.

I first tried the Gentle in all white but since I already own a couple of pairs of white trainers I decided I should go for something different. I'd noticed lots of people wearing black trainers, many with a white sole, in London and on the mannequins in the shopping centre so decided to go for that colour combo.

madmumof7 wearing Gentle shoes from Hotter #MyHotterFit

Gentle shoes from Hotter #MyHotterFitr

As I stood up wearing them I could feel my feet being hugged by that all round cushioning. The light flexible shoe was lovely to walk in and I knew that this would be the shoe to see me through this year and beyond, from festivals and sight seeing to the commute into and around London where the walk down long tunnels between underground stations can be exhausting.

I was still a little unsure about the styling to be honest and worried I'd been influenced by the comfort factor, but wearing them next day the shoes got the mark of approval from my frankly fussy teens as well as my husband. Win,win!

If you fancy a personalised fitting, Hotter are running a special Fit Event at stores across the UK during March 2020 but you can go along at anytime for a personalised fitting.

I chose to have my fitting details emailed to me and to have the store save them so I can pop in at any time and the whole experience will be even more efficient. The only problem you'll have then is which of the lovely Hotter styles to choose.

Disclaimer: I went along for a personalised fitting with Virginie and the Hotter Footprintand received a pair of Gentle shoes free for the purpose of this honest review.