Things I Am Thankful For Today #2

And so it continues. More empty shelves, quiet streets, light traffic and the car park at our local train station has never been emptier. So what do I have to be thankful for today?

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash heart on a string

Drive-Thru Restaurants

With no cinema, soft play, skating or similar family friendly activities what can I  do to cheer my children up? Well they do love a McDonald's meal so I reckon the odd drive-thru will get them out of the house albeit in a car, and give them a treat at the same time.


Despite the restrictions on Amazon deliveries now there are still lots of stores and restaurants offering delivery. Some even offer contact free delivery including Dominoes who will agree a drop off point then stand at least two metres away while you pick your food up. Love it!


Our family has always been a fan of comedy memes and with a shared darker than dark humour we have been indulging ourselves.  This suggestion for what to do when you run out of toilet paper really made me laugh although our pet ferret Woffles is a little nervous now... He's OK. He's a bit bristly to make a good loo roll replacement.


They don't seem to be one of the things people are desperate to buy and these simple and cheap flowers are so cheery that they make me smile.

daffodils in vintage enamel coffee pot

I love seeing them in the hedgerows and on roundabouts as I drive by usually but staying at home at least I can enjoy them in a vase. And keeping them in our less than tropical conservatory means they last for ages. This current bunch have been going two weeks now.

My Mobile Phone

More than ever my mobile is my lifeline to the outside world. For shopping, working, communicating, entertaining... it's all in the palm of my hand.

Take some time to count your blessings each day. Trust me, it is very helpful if like me you are feeling anxious and panicky about the current situation.


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