5 De-cluttering Tips To Prepare For Moving House

I know at least three families whose house move plans have been stymied by the current COVID-19 crisis. All over the country, chains of house buyers are stuck mid-process. I can imagine when restrictions lift everyone is going to be trying to complete their deals and move all at once.

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At least this lockdown gives many people the chance to sort through their cupboards, attics, cellars and garden sheds so here are a few tips to help decide what goes and what stays so when you are ready and able to book a removal van and a man you will be ready to go and won't have quite so much stuff to move.

  1. Sort Through Clothing.  If it doesn't fit, ditch it. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you will definitely lose weight or worry too much you will gain weight. At the very least only keep items which are a size above and/or below your current size. At one point I had clothing from sizes 8-18 in my drawers. Clothing banks still seem to be open at many supermarkets or you could try and sell or giveaway via Facebook or Ebayu - offering non-contact, distanced pick up and non-cash payments of course.Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash piles of clothes
  2. Create Three Piles, "keep it", throw it and "not sure" then go through your  books, DVDS, ornaments, old paperwork and any other miscellaneous items. . Be brutal when sorting through. Yes, you love your Aunt Emma but hate the dodgy birthday gift she got you but you keep it out of fondness for her. Dump it! Once you have sorted, go through the "not sure" pile and be really honest about whether you can't live without it. Any doubt, into the  "throw it" pile it goes.
  3. Ditch the Duplicates. I'm sure I am not alone in having duplicates of things. How many pairs of flip flops is too many? Why do I have no less than five white T-shirts? And do I really need three lasagne dishes? Be honest with yourself when you sort through cupboards and closets and pick out your favourites. 
  4. New For Old? Look with fresh eyes at your belongings. Are they tatty, taped up, on their last legs? They might be OK in their current setting but do you want to start life in your new home with stuff which will almost certainly look even worse once moved. Take advantage of interest free deals or pick up second hand bargains or even free stuff - you'll be amazed what people give away.
  5. Ask A Friend. As I am typing these tips I am aware that some of my friends will be hysterical with laughter as I am probably the worst hoarder I know. If you know that you find it difficult or even painful to get rid of anything, ask a close friend to sort through for you. Chances are you won't even miss things you'd forgotten you even owned.
Nothing is more satisfying than a decluttered home and even if you aren't planning to move home, sorting through and rearranging your rooms will be well worth the effort when you finally sit down and admire the results. Imagine not having to rummage through stuffed drawers or empty out cupboards to find something at the back. 

Don't fall into the trap of thinking you can just shove everything into removal boxes and sort it when you are settled in your new home. Until very recently I had boxes in my attic from when I moved here almost 30 years ago.

You could either dedicate an entire day or just spend an hour a day for a week to get the job done - go old - what are you waiting for?

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