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I am full of admiration for anyone who took part in the Great British Campout . One family in our village did at least three nights that I know of in tents in their garden -and it was quite chilly at night in our part of the world.

Tent and camping chair Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

I might have been tempted to sleep in the caravan on our drive but since lockdown I have a couple of my older children living in it so I think it might have been a bit crowded if I added more family members!

I am sure I am not alone in looking forward to venturing further than the garden for a holiday. We would love to go camping by the sea but sadly have to get our car fixed first. Although of all the times for it to break down, now is not the worst since we can't go anywhere anyway!

Luckily I have a little runabout which gets my husband to work - he works night shifts at the local supermarket. I live in fear of that car breaking down. It already has a multitude of warning lights but none of them appear to be actually connected to any genuine faults so we speak to it gently and hope it keeps going.

Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash

It doesn't stop me browsing adverts for used cars mind although I am not sure social media sites are the best place to shop for the thing which needs to carry your family safely at speed.

When our runabout finally dies we would probably be best to check out established dealers with a good long history of honesty, quality, attention to detail and great customer service like Tottington Motor Company in Lancashire where they sell a great range of top quality used cars and used and new camper vans. More on those later.

This particular company might not be exactly local to you but I think it's well worth travelling to get a great deal from a company you trust. My friend recently did a five hour round trip to pick up her new car which she is delighted with (and I am more than a little jealous of.) She treated it as a fun day out with her husband, built in a nice lunch stop

Talking of envy, I'm also rather taken with my neighbour's camper van. Like my lifelong caravan obsession I love the idea of your entire home being compressed into a cute smaller space all ready for an adventure - even if that adventure has to be on the driveway at the moment.

It might not seem like the right time to buy a camper van or caravan but they are great for providing extra space during lockdown you could use as an extra bedroom, office space or just as a quiet breakout zone when it's all getting a bit much.

And then when travel is allowed again you will be all ready for a holiday - a short trip to the coast or a full-on road trip across Europe.

In the meantime enjoy some virtual travel and create your road trip destination wish list.