Easy ways to cut your household budget during the lockdown

Right now, I know that a lot of families are struggling more than normal to make ends meet. So, today, I thought I would share some relatively small changes you can make to save yourself a bit of money.
money going into piggy bank Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

Try cheaper alternatives
Start by taking a look at those items on your shopping list that swallow up a high percentage of your budget. If you can cut the cost of those you will make fast progress.
Now is a great time to give things like cheap vape juice a go. At the moment, you have no choice but to buy your e-liquids online. At least if you live in the UK. So why not try a different supplier and maybe some new flavours. Just make sure that you place your order with a well-established firm that has good reviews.
Do more cooking
It is nice to be able to order a takeaway and support local businesses. But the lockdown is also a good time for you to cook more. You will save a lot of money by doing so.
There are some great recipes for you to try here. Most of them use ingredients that you are likely to have in your cupboards. So, there is the added advantage that you can save yourself a trip to the supermarket by trying these recipes out.
Start growing your own fruit and veg
Now, is a good time of the year to plant fruit and vegetables. You can still order seeds and soil online and, usually, you will not have to wait long for them to be delivered. Sowing them is also a way to keep the kids occupied for a few hours. They will also enjoy watering them and watching everything grow.
seedlings Photo by Zosia Korcz on Unsplash

If you cannot get seeds, just use some from the vegetables you have bought from the supermarket. That approach has the added advantage of being free. But you do need to be careful about which types of seed you try. Most will grow into plants, but not all of them will bear fruit. This short article explains which supermarket fruit and vegetable seeds will grow well and which ones are not likely to produce much.
You can do this even if you do not have a garden. Instead of putting your plastic bottles into the recycling, cut the tops off and use them as an alternative to pots using this step by step guide.

For some plants, like potatoes and onions, you will need something bigger. But a bucket is a viable option provided you don´t try to grow too many in it.
Turn everyone’s electronics off occasionally
Turning off all of your gadgets for a couple of hours may not sound like a good idea. But provided you plan to do another activity that your kids and you like everyone will enjoy the change in pace. Playing board games or doing some crafts are both suggestions that work particularly well.
If you can afford to do so, sweep some of the cash you save into a separate account. That way, when the lockdown is over, and things are back to normal you will be able to use some of those funds to treat everyone to something special.