Hang On In There #Lockdown2020

Another week in lockdown is coming to an end and it actually seems to have flown by. There have been ups and downs with car issues and health niggles (not COVID related) and birthday cake, bluebells and sunshine at the other end of the spectrum.

bluebell wood

My daughter coped remarkably well with her lockdown birthday and occupied the time around school work with baking her own cake and helping me make fresh pasta for her birthday dinner - she fancied homemade pasta with seafood and sweet chilli. Both were delicious - well worth the effort!

chocolate birthday cake

Nature is blooming at her best in and around our village and I have very much enjoyed being able to admire the bluebells without quite so many hoards of visitors (although the car parks and verges are busier than you'd expect given the restrictions).

bluebell wood

During one of my daily walks I spotted this beautiful flower (a cornflower?) growing halfway down and through a garden wall. I thought it was a good metaphor for life in lockdown.

corn flower growing through wall

Yes things are tough but you, like this plant, are stronger than you think and you can still blossom even with all of the restrictions.

Improve your education if you like or equally take time to just stop and breathe. If Netflix and cake will get you through, do it. If running helps, then run. I am firmly in the cake and TV camp but luckily the walking seems to be offsetting the cake eating.

Have a good weekend lovely people, hang on in there and remember;