Things To Be Thankful For At Easter #4

I'm hoping these posts aren't annoying people. I was sad to see on social media that some people think it is trite to be pushing positivity at a time when so many people are struggling with health, loss of income and worse, loss of friends and family.

However I still believe that it's vital to try and stay upbeat while still acknowledging that everyone is going to have down days, bad days, sad days. I've suffered with mental health issues in the past and am working hard to not succumb to fear. So every day I remind myself of all the things to be thankful for. This is no way negates the fact that life is shit and scary for a lot of the time but helps me cope.

I can't promise everything will be OK but I can hope it will and without hope, where are we?

hope.Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash

So if you are still reading, here we go with my latest list of things I am thankful for. Feel free to add your own in the comment section of whatever social media you might be viewing this on.

Carbs.  Toast, hot cross buns, scones, hot cross buns, crisps, hot cross buns.... I don't know what I'd do without my carbs. It's an age old solution, eating yourself happy but one which works for me. Luckily I've been quite active so I have not put any weight on-yet.

Flowers. From bunches of daffodils to the flowers in my newly tidied garden and the wild flowers I see on my walks, I am grateful for nature's pick me up.

I am particular proud of my garden which is certainly never going to win any Britain in Bloom awards but is better than it was.

My husband has worked very hard to prepare the ground for me to plant in and I very much enjoyed designing and planting a border. I mean, it set off a bad fibromyalgia flare up but it was totally worth it. Wherever you are I hope you have at least a view of some flowers.

I will miss the bluebells which grow wild in the woodland near our village but hopefully a reduction in visitor numbers this year will mean they are back with an even better display next year. In the meantime I have a beautiful watercolour my teenage daughter did a few years ago.

Gin.  I have been a fan of gin since before it was so fashionable but am very much appreciating the wealth of new blends and flavours which have hit the shelves in the last couple of years. I particularly like the gin liqueurs which are usually slightly sweeter. I do have the alcoholic tastes of a teenager. Anything pink and glittery and I am all over it.

pink gin in gin glass

Recently I have treated myself to a few new flavours but tempting as it is I am still not drinking too much or every evening. And although I've occasionally looked longingly at the clock before the sun is over the yard arm I have so far avoided falling into daytime drinking. Apart from on the day we were scheduled to do what my son's school calls Big Write. I'm not sure who hates it more -me or him.

Kim's Convenience. It's a series on Netflix following the lives of a Korean family who run a convenience store in Toronto, Canada. It's sweet and funny and fascinating and has won lots of awards. There are four series to binge watch! I am completely hooked.

There we have it - things I am thankful for at the moment. Hope you are having a bearable Easter weekend. And remember