Zoom-Related Lockdown Exhaustion

Before Coronavirus I considered myself quite a sociable person. I had an active social life and generally enjoyed going out to meet up with friends. I like my own company and am happy to be alone in a quiet room but equally I like to be invited out.

When lockdown first happened I was quite enthusiastic at the thought of digital meet ups but now I seem to have hit a kind of burn out and have resorted to limiting the number of online events I agree to as for some reason I find them a bit stressful and quite exhausting.

It doesn't help that my days are busier than ever. With seven children, some of whom are autistic, and my own business to run I did not think I could cram more into my days but it turns out I can.

Consequently by about 6.30pm I am knackered and ready for my pjs and bed, but unfortunately this is about the time most people want to "meet" online.

My What's App notifications often hit double figures even though I compulsively check them regularly, and instead of "your place or mine" the question has become "Zoom or FaceTime?"

It doesn't help that I'm not keen on board games or quizzes and many of the most recent suggestions involve activities like this, presumably since no-one has really been anywhere or done anything so you kinda need something to do during your call.

Having said that I recently played bingo one evening and another evening did a short quiz with one set of friends which I quite enjoyed although after about 40 minutes my enthusiasm started to wane.

I think it's the effort of trying not to talk over each other and the stress of delays, drop-outs and buffering which leaves me ready to hit the off switch. Watching myself and seeing my wrinkles and terrible hair and lumpy body reflected on camera doesn't help either.

I sound really miserable I know but I gather I am not alone in this digital fatigue. Maybe it's because I work online and frankly want to put the laptop aside to relax in the evening not stare at it for another few hours.

Having said all of this my new lockdown style FOMO would kick in if everyone left me off their What's App groups and stopped inviting me to virtual drinks so I will carry on joining in and be happy that I have lovely friends who want to speak to me.

I just need to be honest (as I was with one friend today) and politely turn down stuff I just can't cope with.

Anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed by their online social life? Or are you loving the online distraction from life in lockdown?