Helping to make good nutrition easier

We all know the importance of good nutrition and eating healthier, and especially in these difficult times, when we are faced with being indoors more often and perhaps not getting the normal exercise and diet we would be when not in times of lockdown.

Here, we’ll take a look at what can help to make those mealtimes easier and more enjoyable, so you’re hopefully tempted back into the kitchen to prep a new meal or two.
If you suffer from a weak or restricted grip, then chopping and slicing can be difficult, and depending on what’s been chopped, like harder vegetables such as carrots or potatoes, or even some baked goods, then just holding and slicing without any help can be off-putting. 
The Combination Chopping Board can be a great help in these areas, as it safely holds whatever you’re chopping or slicing, so you can then slice and chop with ease, with the included high quality chef’s knife. 

This saves time and also gives you the peace of mind that even though you’re handling a sharp professional knife, you’re doing so in a much safer way than if you were doing so without the chopping board. 
Supported by a generously sized base, measuring 400mm x 300mm (16" x 12") in size. The knife has a 185mm (7.25") long stainless steel blade and a black plastic handle. 
The chopping board comes with stainless steel spikes that can securely hold food ingredients in place. 
With a raised lip around one corner of the chopping board, it can be used to prevent bread from moving when having butter, margarine or any other toppings, spread on it.
Using a kettle in the kitchen, is another area where many people struggle, not least, with the weight of a filled kettle, which can be quite a burden on a weakened wrist, or for the elderly or those with a disability. 
Hydration though cups of tea, or for herbal drinks or even soups is important, and especially when we’re locked inside more often, so anything that can make the process of using the kettle easier must be a good idea for the home.
The Combination Kettle with Tipper is a great idea as it fully supports the kettle in the motion of pouring, so taking the full weight and providing effortless power-steering pour action, with its unique PowerPour technology.
The Kettle fits in to your modern contemporary design scheme for most kitchens and makes using the kettle both safer and easier every time.
Another area where things can be difficult for many people and prevents the easy preparation of foods is in the opening of jars, bottles and cans. 
For some reason, manufacturers seem to delight in screwing down lids so tightly, it takes the Herculean effort of a strongman to release them and get into the contents!
For anybody with less that great grip, you may as well forget it and call Uber Eats!
So this is where another handy gadget comes in, one that should probably be a staple in every home.

The Standard Multi Opener not only looks the part, in its attractive translucent blue colour, it also does the job admirably, making taking off tight lids, caps and can lids a breeze.
Extremely versatile, this device can be used to open pressure sealed caps, resealable twist-off bottle caps, ring pull cans and jar lids, so letting nothing stand in the way of your culinary aspirations and enabling you to use the full gamut of sauces, vinegars, canned beans and lentils, so putting the variety back into your cooking. 
If you love cooking and food preparation, and you want a helping aid that can cut out all of the laborious work in preparing raw foods and basic ingredients, then the Kitchen Workstation is a flagship product that’s on hand (literally) to be your loyal servant in the kitchen. 

It comes fitted with a handy clamp that’s designed to hold food for preparation, vegetables for slicing, bread for cutting and for many more tasks.
It also easily holds bowls, jars or bottles to allow for one handed grating or slicing.
The Kitchen Workstation allows you to exercise your culinary creativity again, unrestricted by having grip problems, the spiked grip holds your vegetables or other ingredients firmly in place, whilst reducing the risk of any accidents while trying to hold and slice at the same time.
The workstation also comes with a raised corner lip, making spreading anything onto a slice of bread much easier as it keeps the bread, or any other item, securely in one place during the entire process. 
We hope these ideas help you to prepare food and drinks easier in your kitchen, to see our full range of kitchen aids simply click here
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