Is Your Home Full of Harmful Products?

When we buy household items, from cleaning products to furniture, or even kids’ toys and the food we put in our cupboards, we expect them to be of a high standard, fulfilling the role we want them to do and do so without harming us or our family. 

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But, did you know that every year, thousands of items are recalled for a variety of reasons? Most of them due to a breach of safety or concerns for the people who might be using them. There have been many high profile product safety stories in the last few years and lawsuits that have secured victims high pay-outs – click the link for information regarding cancer associated with round up – and although these cases are quite rare, it’s always a good idea to educate yourself on the potential hazards you could have in your home.

Read on to find out more. 

Kids’ toys

Kids’ toys are one of the most recalled products. Why? Simply because as far as children are concerned, the risks are higher. There most common reasons why they’re recalled include:

  • Choking hazards 

  • Small parts

  • Danger of suffocation

  • Injuries such as lacerations or potential eye damage 

  • Toxic materials

If you believe you have a recalled toy at home, you should remove it from your child immediately and follow the advice provided by the manufacturer. 


Food is something that we barely give a second thought to when we place it in the cupboard or fridge. However, high numbers of food products are recalled each year for serious and even life-threatening reasons.

  • Allergen contamination: sometimes allergens can get into food during the production and if they’re not listed on the packaging then they could prove fatal. Eggs, milk, peanuts and sesame are the most common.

  • Bacterial contamination: Foodborne illnesses such as E.coli and salmonella can cause extreme illness

  • Contamination from other sources: Pieces of glass, metal, chemicals or toxins.

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Electrical products

When faults occur on the production line, or companies choose to cut corners, large electrical appliances can become incredibly dangerous. Large items such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers are often recalled for safety reasons.

  • Risk of fire 

  • Risk of explosion 

  • Burns 

  • Risk of electrocution

If you or your family are affected or injured by a recalled product then you should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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