This Time Last Year...

This time last year I had just returned from Venice, was planning an evening out with friends which involved food, cocktails and much laughter and was putting the final touches to a big party with even more friends.

madmumof7 in Venice, Italy 2019

Fast forward 12 months and the pubs are shut, flights mostly cancelled and Venice mostly closed, one of my best friends is dead (not from COVID-19) and gatherings are banned.

But let me tell you - there will still be laughter, food and cocktails and hopefully I will get to see at least some of my local friends, socially distancing at all times of course!

The day has already started on a bright note with a video call from my mum in Cyprus, cards, messages and gifts from my family and friends and there is sunshine in a mostly blue sky above.

One gift which really made me laugh was the pile of boxes of Jaffa Cakes from my daughter's BF. 510 Jaffa Cakes to enjoy - 10 for every year of my life. I'll confess that many of them will be scoffed while I write about diabetes for an American website I contribute to monthly.

madmumof7 with Jaffa Cake pile

Later there will be gin cocktails, a takeaway treat, courtesy of one of my sons and probably a comedy family film. I will be offering up thanks for the gift of family and friends and for the fact that so far all those nearest and dearest to me are remaining fit and healthy.

To all those who have wished me happy birthday - thank you. I leave you with a little question - how many cocktails do you think I'd drunk when this picture of me gurning happily was taken?

madmumof7 on her 50th birthday 2019