5 Top Tips to Help Your Children with Oral Hygiene

It's a well documented parenting dilemma-how on earth do you get children to clean their teeth efficiently and regularly? For some reason children will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid actually brushing their teeth properly including smearing toothpaste onto their teeth in a bid to pass the mouth sniff test and wetting the brush. 

boy cleaning teeth

According to Zay Care, the good news is that by the time they start wanting to get up close and very personal with potential partners, the battle becomes a whole lot easier.

I've had plenty of experience of the tooth cleaning trials (along with that other chestnut, shower avoidance.) Thankfully both issues usually resolve when their first romance blossoms.

I hope my top 5 tips will prove useful and hopefully make those dentist trips a lot less traumatic, especially if like me you have autistic children who for varying reasons can find teeth cleaning difficult.

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  1. Start when they are very young. Buy a brush designed for babies, sing a silly tooth brushing song, and let them have a go to get them used to the sensation.
  2. Buy toothbrushes adorned with cartoons, or with glitter or built-in music or which team with app-based brushing games -whatever helps make brushing time fun. 
  3. Use a good quality toothpaste. Start with versions formulated for children when they are very young but once they are aged 7+  switch them over to something like Colgate Total Deep Clean complete care toothpaste which boasts an antibacterial system and an active cleaning formula with polishing micro-particles to not only fight plaque between teeth and in all those hard to reach spaces; but also fights bacteria on your tongue, cheeks, and gums for up to 12 hours (after 4 weeks of continued use).
  4. Aim for two minutes of brushing at least twice a day. Set timers and brush your own teeth at the same time to show them what to do and maybe create a reward chart.
  5. Don't be tempted to skip vital dentist check-ups. Early intervention can prevent potentially serious problems. Remember, not all dental issues are caused by poor oral hygiene and even baby teeth need checking. Autistic child needs treatment?  You can ask your regular dentist to make a referral to a dentist who specialises in treating autistic children.
Colgate Advanced Deep Clean toothpaste

Disclaimer: This product was gifted by Colgate but all views are my own.