7 Ideas to Get Started on Crafty Home Décor Projects

Crafty home décor projects can be incredibly fulfilling, allowing you to easily customize your home and create the décor that you have always dreamed about. However, if you have never finished a project like this before, knowing where to get started on home, décor projects can be challenging. 

Photo by Jane Carmona on Unsplash

Invest in the Right Crafting Equipment

Firstly, it is unlikely that you will be able to complete your projects if you do not have the right equipment. For instance, if you invest in the wrong size needle or the incorrect color thread, you may not be able to create the craft that you have in mind. Then, before you get started, you should invest in the right crafting equipment. For instance, nearly every crafting project will need a sewing machine, and those from Goldstar Tool can help you to complete your crafts to a high standard, whether you are sewing curtains or making cushion covers.

Refresh Your Skills

If it has been many years since you started a home décor project, or if this is your first time, you should look at refreshing your crafting skills before you begin. Not only can this make your project less of a struggle, but it can also enable your crafts to look like they have been made by a professional. To refresh your skills, there are a variety of online crafting workshops and tutorials that you can join, and you should also consider finding a local crafting group near you.

Use Items Lying Around the House

One of the best ways to get started on projects is to use items that you already have lying around the home. For instance, you could use spare wallpaper sheets to paper the panels of your dresser, turn a suitcase into a table, or use books that you haven’t enjoyed to create a bedside table or chair. 

books as decor

Start with an Easy Project

Rather than decide to knit an entire throw for your home, you should find a beginner’s craft for your first attempt. Some of the easiest projects for crafty interior decorators include staining and repainting your furniture, creating handmade wreaths or floral decorations, and even designing a paper lampshade for your home. These can allow you to gain confidence before moving onto more complex projects. 


Revamp the Furniture You Already Have

Rather than invest a lot of money in buying new furniture, before you know whether your attempts at crafting will be successful, you should work with the furniture that you already have. For instance, you might consider reupholstering your dining room chairs with funky, patterned fabric or trying to create a shabby chic effect on an old dresser. If you still want to buy new furniture, you should consider investing in second-hand products, which you will not be upset about if they get damaged. 

Use a Crafting Kit 

If you are struggling to bring your crafting project to fruition, you should consider investing in crafting kits. These come with instructions to help you to get started, as well as all of the materials that you need. For instance, popular crafting kits include birdhouses and indoor planters.

Get Inspiration and Test Your Ideas

If you are having trouble finding inspiration, you should ignite your creativity by making a mood board on websites such as Pinterest and by looking at home décor magazines. Once you have done this, you should test out your ideas to make sure that they work and that they look as you expected them to.